8 Items to Add to Your Shopping Cart to Celebrate National Coffee Day

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October 1st is International Coffee Day. It’s time to choose gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Another reason to add some coffee products to your cart is that coffee is one of the foods we can never eat again because of climate change. Yep, around 50% of the global area suitable for coffee production is in danger of being cut by 2050.

We’ll have to face problems like rising prices, a negative impact on flavor and aroma, and supply shortages. Hurry up to buy something from the list we’ve prepared for you that will remind you of the good old coffee days.

8. This coffee pod carousel will set you free from the “Where to store K-cups conveniently and mess-free” dilemma. It can fit up to 35 capsules and swivel by 360°, making it simple to find the flavor you like the most with no effort. It doesn’t take up much space and will look nice next to your coffee maker or mugs.

If you have nothing to fill the stand with, worry no more and check out these capsules. Dark chocolate and spicy flavors with notes of bitter cocoa will create a lingering aftertaste. The smoky blend is full of unbalanced flavors that will bring your senses to the excitement with every sip. Feels like a perfect start to your day!

Happy buyer’s review: A very attractive and well-made carousel. Heavy duty metal holders (not wire) with a nice matte black finish. It turns very smoothly and doesn’t take up much space. I can see why everyone has been giving it such good reviews, and would not hesitate to recommend it myself. @Alan T

Buy the carousel on Amazon HERE

7. This double-wall mug will keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. So, it can become a great partner for those coffee lovers who’re always on the go. Or for those who have a lil pumpkin that needs their full attention. It’s scratch and peel-free, and the color won’t fade with time. PLUS, it’s even sweat-free, so you can say, “Adios!” to damp or frostbit fingers.

The mug is dishwasher safe, but DON’T try to put it into your microwave (unless you’re bored and want to bring some sparkles into your life).

Happy buyer’s review: This is great for new parents! It keeps the contents hot for longer — great for that cup of coffee or tea that you never get around to finishing before it gets cold! Also, it’s not hot on the outside if little hands touch it, and the lid helps to prevent spills if the cup were to be bumped accidentally by tiny feet. The lid is not spill-proof, but if you want a hot drink while holding your little cherub on your lap, it’s less dangerous than if you were to have a completely open mug while holding them. It’s quite large, so you’d only need to fill it halfway, which also helps prevent spilling as there’s no need to fill it to the brim. @Mrs K le Roux

Buy the mug on Amazon HERE

6. A manual coffee grinder that is very travel-friendly. It doesn’t require electricity or batteries and is small and lightweight enough to fit into your backpack. It’s very quiet, so you can easily use it while your baby is sleeping to enjoy a peaceful moment of “me time.” ALSO, it’s made of stainless steel, which will add some grace to any place.

Electric grinders may heat up the beans, and this may alter the taste and ruin the atmosphere. Manual coffee mills are thought to be more coffee-friendly as they work at lower speeds and create less friction.

Happy buyer’s review: Really pleased with this grinder. I’ve had it for a good while now and love it. It is easy to dial in the grind I like and produces a really consistent quality grind. Very easy to use and clean. I don’t know how long the burrs are expected to last, but there is no apparent wear yet, and I use it 3 or 4 times a week. @Amazon Customer

Buy the grinder on Amazon HERE

5. A pack of mushroom coffee that will help you skip the jitters and caffeine crashes a cup of regular coffee usually brings. However, it’ll still help you clear your head and increase productivity. One packet has 50 mg of caffeine, which is about half a normal cup. Don’t worry, you won’t get a mushroom soup instead of your fave drink as it doesn’t taste mushroomy, not even a bit.

This coffee also contains several ingredients that may deal with some common problems:

  • lion’s mane will support your focus and concentration and kick anxiety out of your life;
  • Chaga mushrooms can boost your immune system and fight inflammations;
  • rhodiola rosea will help you deal with stress, fatigue, and depression.

Happy buyer’s review: I was skeptical but curious about this product. I love coffee, and I drink it strong and black. This really does taste like instant coffee, and more importantly, the product works better than coffee for focusing on my work from home! It is now part of my morning routine. I have my regular coffee first, then I have a cup of this, and I’m ready to go. I no longer need coffee in the afternoon. @Tristan MacKenzie

Buy the mushroom coffee on Amazon HERE

4. A natural arabica coffee scrub that is so versatile we suspect it was made with a magic wand. Check it out! You can use it as an anticellulite treatment because caffeine is believed to be its No.1 enemy. Also, it may help tighten and exfoliate your skin and even lighten the scars. And we don’t mention the smell all coffee lovers will want to sell their souls for.


  • Gently massage the scrub in a circular motion in the bath or shower
  • Rinse well
  • After it, your skin will have a fine film of oil. Gently pat your skin dry to leave it feeling super smooth and soft
  • Avoid using the scrub on damaged or freshly shaven skin

Happy buyer’s review: This scrub is amazing! I’ve only used it twice, but I can see and feel a difference in the appearance and texture of my skin. I don’t have cellulite, but I was hoping to just improve the appearance of my skin and maybe tighten it a little, as I’m at the age where the knees and elbows are getting a bit saggy looking, but any general improvement is a bonus. I like the oily residue that’s left after you’ve scrubbed, which helps you feel moisturized. It goes on easily and smells lovely. The coffee aroma goes away once you’ve rinsed, so you won’t smell like a jar of the stuff afterward! I’ve used some really great scrubs in the past but feel that this does a lot more than just leave you with nice glowing skin and is more effective as it’s quite a hard scrub, which I prefer. Will DEFINITELY be re-purchasing. @JaxiB

Buy the scrub on Amazon HERE

3. With this coffee set, you can travel the world from the comfort of your home. You can start your day in Guatemala and end it in Sumatra. There are 9 different flavors — from rich and chocolatey to sweet and fruity bursting — that will fit any mood and taste. It can also serve as the perfect gift as it comes in a nice package that gives premium looks and feels.

The set includes the following flavors:

  • SANTOS & JABA: a dark & rich blend that spans the globe, dark roast
  • MONSOON MALABAR: an exotic favorite, matured in the monsoon storm, dark roast
  • SUMATRA: lusciously creamy with rich chocolate notes, dark roast
  • GUATEMALA ELEPHANT: gloriously oversized beans with a honey-sweet taste, medium roast
  • SAN AGUSTIN COLOMBIA: an aromatic citrusy roast from the Andes, medium roast
  • DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: deliciously crisp, with a delicate nutty aftertaste, medium roast
  • ETHIOPIA YIRGACEFFE: incredibly complex with bright pomegranate notes, light roast
  • KENYA PEABERRY: distinctively fruity with a cherry brightness, light roast
  • MOCHA DJIMMAH: mellow and fruity, with notes of cocoa and nut

Happy buyer’s review: Nice coffee selection. Each bag has ground beans, and each bag is good for six normal-sized coffees. The boxes have on them the unique themed art and an individual description of the coffee ground’s aromas. Would buy again. @Elliott Williams

Buy the coffee set on Amazon HERE

2. A coffee machine that can meet your any need. Wanna a hot coffee? Here it is. Are you more in a cold coffee mood today? No problem. Do you need a bigger portion? Consider it done. In any case, it’ll deliver you a professionally-made and quality cup of coffee with a thick velvety cream.

Most of us tend to drink coffee as soon as we open our eyes. However, experts say that the best time to enjoy your cup of java is mid- to late-morning, when your cortisol level is lower. For most people who get up around 6:30 a.m., this time is between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m.

Happy buyer’s review: Easy to set up and use. Very smart, fast indeed! Lovely big reservoir at the back for your water too. Very smart colors on the machine and looks really good when lit up! Shuts off quickly after use to conserve power, too! Highly recommend this to all the coffee fans out there! @Monti Rose

Buy the coffee machine on Amazon HERE

1. A coffee-drinking cat poster will jazz up your interior and bring a smile to your face every morning. It comes with 4 pre-drilled holes, so you can mount it to your wall with less effort. Alternatively, you can place it on any cabinet or table. PLUS, it’ll make any coffee lover squeal with excitement!

Coffee has tons of positive effects. It helps your immune system, boosts brain power, and even improves your digestion. But the healthiest way to drink coffee may not be what you think. Natural ground coffee is much more beneficial than instant coffee, which has more chemicals and fewer nutrients. Try adding some dairy milk or creamer to your coffee, as dairy contains added nutrients, like calcium, which supports healthy bones.

Buy the poster on Amazon HERE

What coffee is your favorite? What was the most expensive cup you have ever drunk? Did it really taste different?

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