8 Products That Can Make Your Friends Say, “Wow, That’s Genius!”

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Sharing makes any experience, good or bad, more intense. We already know that having a social life is pretty crucial, but now it turns out that being together isn’t the only thing that matters — what people are doing also counts for something. Going through stuff together might make us concentrate on it more.

So don’t miss the opportunity to go to a good movie with your buddies and multiply your emotions. And while you’re at it, you can also give your dearest friends these amazing products!

1. This nice-looking rabbit phone holder with a silicone pad will safely keep your phone in place.

It’s compatible with all mobile phones and is height and angle-adjustable. The product will make charging very convenient and keep your desk nice and tidy.

Promising review:

The stand is very stable and sturdy. So satisfied with my buy. And also, the color is soooo cute and soft. I like it so much! — Njhhh

2. Look at these silicone coasters, which, aside from being so cute, can easily protect your furniture from any moisture.

The set comes in 2 design variants and makes for the perfect housewarming gift.

Promising review:

Very cute and decently sized, and I find I don’t need to swap them out too often, as they don’t get too messy. Can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe or damp cloth. :) - Avanni

3. This multifunctional pixel art LED Bluetooth speaker is a terrific tabletop gadget with a lot of different features, including mini-games, DJ mixers, notifications, schedulers, and voice memos.

This device has a very unique design and supports playing music from microSD cards and Internet radio stations.

Promising review:

This was bought as a gift for my wife, who’d seen these on many “cozy office” videos and photos on Instagram and TikTok. The sound quality is better than anticipated, and she loves the little animated pixel art things she can download and play on it. — D Holmes

4. This floating moon lamp, which is powered through electromagnetic induction, creates a very cozy atmosphere with its 3 lighting modes.

This product has a very cool concept: it looks precisely like the moon’s surface, thanks to the fact that this lamp was printed using the most advanced 3D technology. The low power consumption of this device is an added bonus.

Promising review:

Works perfectly and looks amazing. I can’t emphasize how cool these are. Perfect gift for anyone. — Zubin

5. Spruce up any interior with this magnetic levitating wireless LED lamp!

The light is very bright and can be controlled by the simple touch of a button located on the wooden base.

Promising review:

Some reviews spoke of poor magnets and the bulb falling. I purchased this for 2 different people and the magnet is super strong and the product looks really nice, much classier than I thought it would! — 
Connie Barnes

6. This fun refillable product proves that a scotch tape dispenser doesn’t need to be boring.

This holder comes with 1 roll of tape. There are also different designs to suit your taste.

Promising review:

My daughter loves this, used it for several months. It’s not heavy enough to cut the tape with one hand, but it’s okay to use. — Amy

7. A beautiful mini-garden combined with the fish tank is a closed-loop ecosystem that is perfect for any home.

You can invite a little zen into your home with this product. The capacity of the tank is 3 gallons. This kit is fully equipped with everything you need to start this project.

It contains:

  • Radish and wheatgrass seeds
  • A water conditioner
  • A growing medium for your seeds to take root
  • A water de-chlorinator
  • Fish food
  • A fish coupon

Promising review:

Be warned: Rinse every single thing you put in the tank. We couldn’t figure out why the water was cloudy, and it was because the gravel wasn’t rinsed well. Other than that, I love it and am excited to plant some different plants once it’s all established! — KJ

8. The magnetic light bulb with a minimalistic design looks like pure magic!

This device with a very cool concept is energy-saving and safe for your eyes.

Promising review:

I was tempted for ages to buy one of these levitating lights, but some models are far more expensive than this; however, I am delighted I went ahead with this one. It looks so cool that I’ve already had someone ask me where to buy it.
It does take a few attempts to balance the bulb, but it’s hugely satisfying once you find that balance point, and it gets easier the next time. It is particularly fun to set the bulb spinning gently, and many hours later, it’s still going due to the absence of friction. My 5-year-old son is hypnotized by it and refuses to believe that Japan has Maglev trains that work on similar principles... Strongly recommend! — EJS

What products would you gladly give to your friends as gifts? Which ones would you like to receive yourself?

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