8 Things About Bathroom Etiquette From Different Countries

2 years ago

If you think that only male urinals exist, then you’re mistaken. There is a female version in Germany that can look a bit weird but can be a smart solution in our modern times. Still, each country has its own specific etiquette and it’s better to know about it before you go there.

We at Bright Side understand that there’s a lot of diversity around the world and we decided to take a look at these cultural differences when it comes to toilet habits.

1. You can find urinals for women in Germany.

Since the 2000s, urinals for women have been introduced in a few European public toilets. Now you can find them in Germany. It’s been planned that these urinals will appear in all public toilets in Berlin.

2. You can find pop-up urinals in London and Amsterdam

In London and Amsterdam, you can use open urinals that can be moved anywhere. Mostly these toilets are put out during the nighttime hours and then disappear during the day.

3. You need to pay for toilet paper in public toilets in Egypt.

In Egypt, you may face a situation where you need to pay for toilet paper in public restrooms. Someone may be stationed in front of the restrooms to collect money. Otherwise, take your own paper.

4. You can find open-air urinals in France that look like red boxes with sawdust inside.

You can find some eco-friendly urinals in France which are filled with straw and designed to be outside. They could be topped with flowers as well.

5. You can go to jail if you don’t flush In Singapore.

In Singapore, they respect cleanliness. If you don’t flush in a public restroom, you can get a fine of over $150. If you don’t have the money to pay, you can go to jail.

6. In Scotland, you are bound by law to let a person enter if someone knocks on your bathroom door and needs to use the toilet.

This is not just a tradition but it’s a law in Scotland that you need to be hospitable if you use a public restroom. When you hear someone knocks on the door, you just need to let them in. That could even be the beginning of a new friendship.

7. You can find facial recognition in toilets in China.

There was a toilet revolution in China in 2015. The main thing was to improve the sanitary conditions in the country. Now you can even find facial recognition in public restrooms.

8. You can pee in the sky in Dubai.

The highest toilet in the world is in Dubai and it allows you to see an amazing landscape while in the process. Even Will Smith mentioned it on his Instagram. But don’t worry, he was fully clothed.

What was the most unusual bathroom that you’ve ever seen in your life? What is your opinion about open-air urinals?

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