8 Things You Can Do to Get Rid of Stress and Pain Easily

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Although modern medicine has come a long way, sometimes we all just need instant relief from stress and pain. The solution to our everyday problems is often right in front of us and something we can do in less than 5 minutes to cure any pain or relieve stress. These health hacks are easy as well as immediately effective.

1. Use ice on an affected area.

Using ice is one of the oldest and most effective tricks to help treat pain in any part of your body. It can be helpful in dealing with acute injuries as well as any inflammation and swelling that might occur. You can apply ice to the affected either as an ice pack or take an ice bath.

2. Massage the middle of the eyebrows to relieve stress.

Pressure points are a well-known way of getting temporary relief from all kinds of pain and stress, and one of them lies between our eyebrows called the hall of impression point. Applying pressure or massaging this area is a great way to remove stress and anxiety from your body.

3. Massage your ear.

Another pressure point that can be stimulated to relieve stress and anxiety from the body is located in your ear. Known as the heavenly gate point, massaging your ear and applying gentle pressure at this point will help in dealing with stress.

4. Eat oatmeal.

Oats are an extremely healthy food that we should incorporate into our diet, but one of the more unknown benefits oatmeal has is its relaxing effects. Oatmeal has a lot of magnesium and potassium that lower blood pressure, and it also boosts serotonin levels if eaten regularly. This not only helps you relax, but also makes you happier in the long run.

5. Apply ginger juice to relieve ear aches.

Suffering from an annoying earache and need an instant solution? Using ginger juice or oil that was warmed with ginger in it can soothe the pain. Make sure to only apply it around the outer part of the ear. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve ear pain.

6. Drink orange juice.

Vitamin C has numerous benefits to the human body, one of which is relief from stress. High-stress levels are associated with vitamin C deficiencies, so increasing your daily intake of it can help. One of the easiest ways to do this is by drinking orange juice which can reduce your anxiety levels as well.

7. Chew gum.

Chewing gum can have many health benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. According to a study, the act of chewing gum was seen to reduce stress in participants and increase their alertness levels.

8. Put salt on your tongue.

If you want a quick and easy way to reduce your anxiety, put salt on your tongue. This little trick can distract you from your anxiety and ground you by engaging your senses. It can also make you thirsty which will force you to drink water.

Do you know of a unique way of relieving stress and pain that you swear by? Share it with us in the comments.


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