17 Famous Women Who Managed to Masterfully Hide Their Pregnancies With Cool Outfits

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2 years ago

Pregnancy is not an easy period for a woman. Within 9 months, drastic physical and emotional changes take place in her life. Despite this, many future moms continue going to work and doing their usual things. For celebrities, these things include visiting the red carpet, where they are expected to shine.

We at Bright Side decided to recall the celebs who appeared in front of the cameras in such flawless outfits that only very attentive fans could notice that they were looking at a pregnant woman. Below, you’ll find celebrities with baby bumps and their approximate terms.

Blake Lively — 4.5 months

Claire Danes — 6 months

Iggy Azalea — 4 months

Angelina Jolie — 5 months

Rashida Jones — 3.5 months

Gigi Hadid — 2.5 months

Kristen Bell — 7 months

Mila Kunis — 3.5 months

Rachel McAdams — 2 months

Cardi B — 3.5 months

Beyoncé — 5.5 months

Katy Perry — 2.5 months

Ellie Goulding — 6.5 months

Teresa Palmer — 4.5 months

Jennifer Garner — 3.5 months

Marion Cotillard — 5 months

Gal Gadot — 6 months

Would you be able to guess the terms of these celebs’ pregnancies if we didn’t provide them?


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