8 Times Royals Proved to Have a Keen Sense of Humor

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The royal family might seem extra serious at first, but they all have a funny and not so serious side as well. After all, we’re all human. Over the years, they surprised us many times with random jokes and giggles. But thanks to their keen sense of humor, it’s safe to say that they also like being on the receiving end.

Here at Bright Side, we have gathered a list of 8 encounters when the royals just couldn’t keep themselves from joking around.

1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl.

Ben Cawthra / eyevine / East News

The Queen was one of the many people who waited eagerly for the birth of Prince George, as Kate Middleton’s labor took longer than usual. These situations can be stressful for anyone, but not the Queen. Someone asked her Majesty if she wanted a boy or a girl as her great-grandchild. And the Queen’s response left a smile on everyone’s face, she said, “I don’t really mind. I hope it arrives soon because I’m going on holiday.”

2. Kate cares about her husband’s looks.

Going bald is a normal process among men. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Royal Easter Show in Australia, they were watching a shearing demonstration, where Kate just couldn’t keep herself from making a joke about her husband’s bald spots.

“The Prince was interested in the alpaca and as I showed it to them, the Princess said that he should put the alpaca fur on his head,” the local farmer reported. The princess said, “You need it more than me” and pointed to his head while laughing, fortunately the duke understood the joke, and they shared a laugh together.

3. Despite her fame, even she can go unrecognized sometimes.

PA Pool / Associated Press / East News

The Queen is one of the most famous women in the world, although her fame, once she reportedly wasn’t recognized by a group of tourists while at her Balmoral country home. But that’s not all, the group of tourists even asked her if she had ever met the Queen. Elisabeth jokingly pointed to her
protection officer and said, “No, but this policeman has.”

4. William came clean about Kate’s cooking skills.

PA / East News

It’s easy to tell if you’re in a close relationship with your partner, because this way you can be completely honest with each other. Kate once confessed to her cooking skills at a gala dinner where she said: “William has to put up with my cooking most of the time,” to which William jokingly replied, “It’s the reason I’m so skinny!”

5. Still Alive

Pool PA / Associated Press / East News

The Queen met some people several years ago, when one of them nicely asked about how she was doing. Instead of the boring basic response, “Fine, how are you?” the Queen’s answer was much funnier than that. She said, “I’m still alive.” Ever since that encounter, she turned 95 and is one of the longest-reigning monarchs of all time.

6. She did it for charity.

East News

In the game of love toward others, there really is a competition, especially for the Duke and Duchess. Back in 2015 during a holiday charity event, William spotted his wife getting a little too kind and flirty on the phone while speaking to a broker and trying to firm up a business transaction to out-earn her husband. When the Duke caught her, he jokingly said, “Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now!” in front of the group, as Middleton giggled and playfully bantered on the phone.

7. As a response to the eggs, they got something no one expected.

Hans-Peter Merten / Robert Harding / East News

Once on a trip in New Zealand, some unhappy citizens threw eggs at the Queen, but she took it as calmly as possible, and even cracked a joke about it saying, “New Zealand has long been renowned for its dairy produce, though I should say that I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”

8. His father taught him well.

Royalfoto / News Pictures / East News

Once, when Prince Charles met an actress who wore a low-cut dress, he told the actress the following: “Father told me that if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes.”

What do you think of the Royal family’s humor? Even though they seem so serious, did you know that they also had a funny side?

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