9 Hair Colors That Are Going to Become This Fall’s Trends and Freshen Up Your Look

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4 years ago

When a woman changes her hair color, she partially changes her life. Various shades help to refresh her look, enhance certain facial traits and even visually decrease her age without having to see cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.

We at Bright Side found 9 actual colors that have already taken the fashion industry by storm and will look cool on any representative of the planet’s beautiful half.

1. Spicy Ginger

One of the nice tinges of red hair color has, again, been listed as trendy. It’s called Spicy Ginger. It relates both to hot-copper shades like the one Jessica Chastain has and cooler shades which are closer to true red (just look at how cool it looks on Zendaya’s long hair).

2. Milk Tea

This subtle hair color that got the name “Milk Tea” is a beige tinge that can’t be definitely defined as a warm or hot shade. Dying hair in this color came to us from Asia. The shade of “Milk Tea” slightly dilutes the natural color and adds a beautiful overflow.

3. Strawberry Blonde

The next trendy hair color is Strawberry Blonde. It’s neither red, nor blonde and, definitely not the pink one. This color is located somewhere between all of those shades and will suit anyone, with no exceptions, because warm colors always make people look younger and freshen up their overall look.

4. Having your hair color match your outfit

One of the most famous hairstylists in the world, Sam McKnight said, “This season one should choose a hair color that matches their outfit.” Of course, no hair, not even the healthiest hair, would be able to stand permanent dying daily. However, one can always buy a new dress that matches their hair color or dye their hair with the help of hair makeup.

5. Living Coral

This attractive coral color has also become one of the most popular tinges for hair dying this year. It represents an orange-pinkish tinge with a warm golden overflow. This gem of a color shines with positivity, recalls nature’s beauty, and pleases the eyes.

6. Intense Black

Black-haired girls — rejoice! The black color is trending again. Remember that the main condition for dying hair this color is good care that will provide your hair with a mirror-like shine. Playful hair locks that are varied tones of this brave shade will add even more chic to this image.

7. Platinum Blonde

Light-ashy blonde, also known as a platinum blonde, continues to maintain its trending position in the hair industry. In order to make this color deeper, richer, and more intense, more and more stylists use techniques like balayage, ombrè, and midlights.

8. Creamy Blonde

Creamy Blonde has been at the peak of popularity for a long time, because this color adds a lightness and airiness to a look. It is a warm tinge of blonde that looks especially amazing on girls with a slight tan. Moreover, hair that’s this color can make the face look 5-10 years younger. All because lighter shades tend to attract people’s attention, distracting from the skin.

9. Apricot

This color can be described as “the kiss from the Sun.” It will perfectly suit romantic people, will add a lightness, a freshness, and a summer mood to the look. This shade looks equally good on both long and short hair.

Are you ready for changes? Which of these colors would you like to see on your hair? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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I really like living coral color. Many girls will look stunning with it!

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