9 Indonesian Beauty Secrets to Slow Down Aging

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8 months ago

Every country possesses unique beauty rituals and hidden practices. Indonesian beauty treatments can be traced back to ancient centuries-old traditions and methods. These practices extend beyond just what they consume, encompassing life philosophies crucial in preserving their youthfulness.

1. Prevention of stretch marks

The Balinese try to take care of their body with head-to-toe pampering. It’s much easier to prevent stretch marks than to fight with them later. One of the most popular rituals is the application of the Balinese tummy mask. It includes ground rice and ‘kencur’, a ginger-like root. Those ingredients help skin elasticity.

Quite often, after a woman gives birth, she gets a body massage with an herbal wrap placed on the stomach.

2. Using rice flour

Besides using rice flour with water as facial masks, Indonesian women make special scrubs for their bodies. An exfoliating paste is made with ground rice, ginger, nuts, turmeric root, cinnamon, and sandalwood powder. You need to grind all the ingredients together. This natural scrub softens and cleanses the skin, but use it only on your body.

3. Consuming lalapan

Lalapan is translated as “raw vegetables or herbs served as a side dish.” Lalapan typically consists of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, kemangi leaves, and lettuce, often served with chili sauce or special seasoning. This lalapan contains many nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which benefit body health.

Sofia Latjuba is one of Indonesia’s celebrities well-known for her ageless appearance. She has admitted that one of her lifestyle choices is consuming more vegetables like lalapan and healthy snacks.

4. Making cream-baths

In Indonesia, a cream bath is a favorite hair treatment. It’s not bathing with cream but a lengthy procedure. First, you apply an avocado hair mask, then hair steaming. Then, they have a light massage on their scalp, neck, and shoulders. The procedure finishes with a hair wash and blow-dry.

A cream bath is not just a relaxation treatment; it helps your hair to be strong and healthy and protects it from the harmful effects of chemicals.

5. Using papaya and papaya seeds for skin

Indonesian women use mashed papaya with or without milk and apply it directly to their face to make their skin glow. Also, to get rid of the dark color of their hair and prevent damage, they grind papaya seeds and make a mixture with water. Then, they apply this paste to their hair, wait for one hour, and rinse it off.

6. Having a massage twice a week

Massage for Indonesians is essential for health and youth. The founder of the fashion label, Nonita Respati, says she even has her own beauty regimen. Besides manicures and pedicures, she has weekly facial masks, hair treatments, and a massage twice a week.

7. Using goats’ milk for a bath

This is an ancient beauty bath used by the princesses of Java. It helps to maintain young and soft skin. Women added goat’s milk to their bath, sat in it for 30 minutes, and then rinsed it off.

8. Radiating happiness

One of Indonesia’s most popular bloggers, who looks 35 when she is 53, revealed her secret of youth. The older she gets, the happier she is. Happiness helps to maintain internal and outer beauty. Smile more and love yourself.

9. Living by ancestor life philosophies

One of the well-known life philosophies of the Javanese people in Indonesia is “Narima ing Pandum.” It translates to surrendering and being grateful for life’s circumstances. It’s not a sign of giving up but rather embracing and accepting fate with profound gratitude. This attitude contributes to a happier life, indirectly preserving their youthfulness.

In addition to Indonesian women, the women in Hunza are renowned for their natural lifestyle, contributing to their extended life expectancy and the preservation of their youthfulness.


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