9 Signs That Show Somebody Is Lying to You in a Text

3 years ago

study conducted in the US showed that we lie 11 times per week, while another one revealed that 60% of people will lie during a 10-minute conversation. As it turns out, lying through your phone is much easier than doing it face-to-face. But on the other hand, e-mails seem to be the most honest form of communication, where people lie the least.

Bright Side has collected 9 of the most deceiving methods a liar will use to try to cover up for themselves in a text.

1. They are trying to change the subject.

A liar will try to change the subject of your discussion and focus on a completely different one. They might even pretend that they’re hurt by your insinuation that they’re lying. This is called external distraction, and while focusing on it, a liar might accuse the other person of lying about something. They may even try every method possible to avoid answering the initial question that put them under the microscope.

2. They compliment you after giving you a quick answer.

Flattery is a method of manipulation that many people practice in their professional and personal lives. It can be used by a liar to gain control of the conversation and point it in a new direction. And it tends to be successful simply because we all like being told nice things about ourselves. The manipulator/liar knows us well enough and can tackle our insecurities when it suits them.

3. They’re being vague.

When someone isn’t afraid to tell the truth, they’ll recall the easily remembered details that back up their story. A liar, on the other hand, will try to keep things vague by withholding information. They don’t want to give specific details that can easily be proven as lies. By telling half the story, they feel confident that they haven’t necessarily lied but told only half the truth.

4. They claim that they’re honest and that they “never lie.”

In their effort to be convincing, liars will overemphasize their honesty. Expressions like, “to be honest,” “believe me,” and “to tell you the truth” are very commonly used. If a person is being truthful, they won’t need to repeat again and again how honest they are. By resorting to that trick, they are obviously trying to hide the truth from you by over affirming their truthfulness.

5. They create complex and extremely detailed stories.

Someone talented enough to create such detailed and colorful stories might be a pathological liar. Their stories are usually very convincing, while complicated and dramatic at times. The tiny details make their stories sound truthful, and they might even believe their own fabricated stories. This makes it very hard for you to deal with them since they’re not even fully aware they’re lying but think they’re telling the truth.

6. They jump between the past and present tense.

When a person is completely fabricating a story, they’re likely to mess up their wording. You may notice that they jump from past to present tense and the other way around. This is because their brain is so busy coming up with a fake story that it forgets how to form a grammatically accurate sentence. Unless someone does this on a regular basis, if you suddenly notice such a change, you should suspect that they’re lying.

7. They try to end the conversation abruptly.

You may be texting someone and ask them something that puts them under the microscope. Their answer could be very short and vague, and suddenly they’re in a rush to do something. They will end the conversation, leaving your question unanswered and you wondering if they have something to hide. The best thing to do in a case like this is to meet the other person and talk to them face-to-face, seeing their reaction.

8. They don’t use first-person pronouns.

Sometimes liars can’t face their own actions and take accountability for them. That’s why they will refrain from using first-person pronouns but instead will make more general statements. For example, if your boss is using the terms “we” and “us” too often, they’re probably trying to distance themselves from their responsibilities. This way, they make you feel responsible for something you had no control over.

9. They use empathetic language.

While empathetic language isn’t anything bad, when someone starts using it all of a sudden, it should be treated with caution. If that person is lying, they will resort to being extra emotional with you rather than answering your question in detail. This is because they can understand your emotions at the moment and they try to manipulate them by showing false emotions themselves. This emotional contagion aims to influence your judgment and divert your attention from your initial question.

Have you ever caught someone lying based on the methods mentioned above? And if so, how did they react when you confronted them?

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I'm pretty sure I do all these things at least occasionally, & it's not because I'm lying. If you think someone's not being honest with you, don't waste your time & energy analyzing their texts for "signs of lying"; you need to talk to them about it.


LMAO notice how in every situation the one who did this post made males the bad guys 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️


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