9+ Underwear Life Hacks Women Can Really Appreciate

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Our underwear is like a second skin. Other people can’t see it, but nevertheless, it plays an important role in every one of our outfits. But underwear can cause problems sometimes. Your bra’s underwire can break, bra cups can become deformed, or you can have a camel toe malfunction.

At Bright Side, we are very well aware that we can experience problems with our underwear at times, so we found a few tricks and life hacks that can help to sort things out.

1. Use 2 panty liners to fix a camel toe and avoid period leaks.

Ordinary panty liners can fix a camel toe situation. If you plan to wear tight clothing, stick one panty liner to the panties’ crotch and another one at a right angle to it.

To avoid period leaks, you can also use 2 panty liners: stick one to the edge of the other one or attach them to panties in the shape of the inverted letter “T.” If you don’t feel comfortable having 2 panty liners on underwear, wearing 2 panties should also do the trick.

2. If your bra’s underwire breaks, and you can’t fix it right away, panty liners can help you out again.

Wrap the sticky part of the pad around the broken wire. Panty liners are best for this, but if you don’t have them on hand, you can use a regular sanitary pad — just cut it down to the necessary size.

3. How to cover your nipples if you go braless

If you don’t have special pasties, you can make them yourself. Just stick 2 regular Band-Aids together in an X shape and attach a cotton disc to them.

4. If your bra straps are removable, turn them around so the slides are in front.

This way, it will be easier for you to adjust their length.

5. You can create a racerback bra yourself.

You can use a bra clip to pin your straps together. A regular paperclip works too.

6. If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag on hand, use a pillowcase.

This is simple — just put your underwear into a pillowcase and send it to the washer. By the way, if you want to remove stains from your underwear, cola can help you out. Soak the fabric in the soda, then rinse it with cold water and wash the item as usual.

7. Pay attention to special bra accessories. You may find them quite useful.

You can find these accessories at any lingerie store. They’re quite cheap but can solve a lot of problems. Pay attention to the following items:

  • Bra liners that absorb sweat
  • Silicone bra strap cushions that prevent straps from rubbing your skin
  • Fashion tape to keep your bra in place
  • A bra extender that can help if your bra has become too small for you

8. Don’t throw away old bra pads, as you can use them later.

You can use bra pads around the household or as an addition to your other bras. For example, you can use them for drying your makeup or art brushes. Some people even use them to clean the dust off almost any surface.

Also, pads can be worn in other bras to add a push-up effect.

9. If your bra cups become deformed, use a hairdryer to restore their original shape.

Set a temperature in accordance with the fabric of your bra: the thicker the fabric, the higher the temperature. Hot air will smooth out any indentations, and the whole process will take just a couple of minutes.

Do you have your own underwear life hacks? Share them in the comments below.


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