9 Ways to Turn Your Balcony Into a Winter Garden

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Have you ever thought about growing your own vegetable garden? There are many benefits. Fresh vegetables not only promote health, but also provide your body with vitamins. Another important aspect is saving money on buying vegetables at the market. You also solve the problem of the limited availability of seasonal products in winter and have your favorite ingredients throughout the year without leaving the house.

In this article, Bright Side has compiled the most useful tips for a winter balcony garden that will create a bright open space and green your home.

Quick tip: Vegetables that do not require much space are best suited for growing on a balcony. Tomatoes and peppers are definitely the first ones you should consider, as they are the easiest to grow. In small pots, you can grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, mustard, chard, endive leaves, and some exotic varieties such as Chinese cabbage, fenugreek, and bok choy, as well as some simple root vegetables such as radishes, turnips, carrots, ginger, and potatoes.

1. This set of trays will help your seeds to root better and make your gardening more effective. And thanks to the ventilation holes, this seed tray can be adjusted for effective humidity and temperature control, promoting rapid plant growth and complete control of the germination process.

Promising review: I am very happy with these seed trays. It is sturdy, well-made, excellent quality, and far better than I had hoped for given the price. I would certainly recommend it. @Dave Shanks

You can get the tray kit on Amazon now

2. These hanging planter bags are made of high-quality waterproof and breathable felt fabric. They retain moisture well, provide drainage, and are breathable.

Promising review: I grew herbs successfully in one and strawberries in the other. It’s also ideal for right next to the kitchen door, so it’s ready for cooking. If you water them often, it’s not a problem, but due to small pockets, you can’t leave them dry. @Kathy Smith

You can get the hanging planter bags on Amazon now

Quick tip: If you grow vegetables on your balcony, you should also plant herbs with them. Choose herbs like parsley, chives, cilantro, mint, rosemary, or basil. Their combination enhances the flavor of the vegetables, and you also get a fresh supply of herbs.

3. This seed mix for growing your own seeds is a fantastic set for beginner gardeners. It contains all the essential seeds suitable for growing in the winter on the balcony.

In this set, you will find 15 great seeds for beginner gardeners:

Promising review: This is a lovely product which not only has a sensible amount of each of the seeds, as we are not all market gardeners, but there are seed markers and a fantastic booklet with all the advice and tips you need. And if that wasn’t enough, when you receive your seeds you are given the opportunity to apply for a packet of free seeds which comes with a copy of a lovely handwritten letter addressed to you personally. Great touch. I wish Holly and Jimmy every success in their endeavors. @Peter G.

You can get the seeds for gardening on Amazon now

Quick tip: A mini greenhouse is a great solution for growing heat-loving plants that are problematic in cold winters. A greenhouse on the balcony is great because it provides more vertical space for growing vegetables. It can also extend the growing season by protecting the plants at the beginning and end of the season.

Heat-loving plants

4. This small greenhouse tent keeps plants warm and protects them from cold temperatures, so they can grow well in winter. It is suitable for small vegetables and houseplants, whose growth you can watch through the transparent window.

Promising review: I bought this for my Aloe vera plants through the winter. The greenhouse is a good size, and you attach it with the pegs supplied into the ground. The front zip is handy as I’ll be wrapping the plants as it gets colder. It is perfect for small plants. @Amazon Customer

You can get the greenhouse on Amazon now

5. In addition to the greenhouse, a lamp can also stimulate the growth of your plant with the help of the specially adjusted light.

Promising review: Having recently become slightly addicted to plants, I was looking for some lights to aid the growth of some of my baby plants that live in a shady area in my house. I was looking for lights that were standalone as my plants are in several places, and therefore I wanted to try to reach them all. I ended up settling on this one as the price was good and, on the face of it, it did what I needed. Including the timer for 8 hrs. I have now used it for about a week and I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with this product. It was easy to set up, and it comes with its own little garden set with spades and forks, which is cute. The remote control is ideal if you want to change the settings without having to get up from the sofa. There are three height levels, and all of the lights are flexible, so you can point them in whichever direction you need. You are also able to control how many lights you want on at any one time, as well as the intensity of the lights, which is great. The bonus for me was the fact that as long as the lights stay connected to the mains, they remember the setting from the day before, and they will automatically switch on, which I didn’t realize but loved, as this way, I know that the light will switch on at that set time, for a continuous 8 hours. I am really pleased with the product. In my opinion, it has no drawbacks. @Marcia Azevedo Moreira

You can get the lights on Amazon now

Quick tip: Planter boxes are the best and easiest way to grow plants on the balcony. These containers save space and look organic in your home.

6. The vertical arrangement of the planter boxes opens up great possibilities even in a small space, and thanks to the ideal planting depth, a wide variety of vegetables and fruits can be grown there. The weight of the filled seedlings provides the necessary stability for the folding structure, which is particularly easy to maintain due to the materials used.

Promising review: My herb garden is loving its new home! I was dubious that it seemed to be travelling from Germany, although the company was based in the UK, but it arrived quicker than UK deliveries, so well done. A really simple idea, but very effective, and as I live in a flat, it is ideal for the balcony. From the picture, you can put 3×15 cm pots in each trough, and I’ve hung buckets too for the smaller herbs. I wholeheartedly endorse both the item and the seller. @Swanny

You can get the planter boxes on Amazon now

7. These pots will help you use your space more efficiently because you can stack them in six tiers. They are made of high quality plastic, which is perfect for growing plants on the balcony.

Promising review: This was just what I needed. I had a lot of runners this year and wanted something that would take up less space. I didn’t need to use all the tiers, so I have some left over for next year or maybe to use for flowers. The tray on wheels is a great idea, so I can easily turn it around to make sure all the plants get sunshine. I had originally ordered a set that was half the price of this one, but it went “missing in the post.” I’m glad I spent the extra on this one instead. It’s great with the extra inner trays, so nothing gets waterlogged. I am really pleased. @Amazon Customer

You can get the stackable plant pots on Amazon now

Quick tip: To protect your plants from pests, keep removing them by hand-picking or spraying with water, and grow plants that keep pests away. For severe pest infestations and diseases, use organic pesticides, homemade insecticidal soap, and neem oil.

8. This mini garden tool set is perfect for home gardening. All tools are lightweight and therefore easy to use. With these garden tools, taking care of your plants will be easy, clean, fast and efficient.

Promising review: A great little set. I only have houseplants, so it’s ideal for trimming leaves when they are dying. It’s also ideal for turning the soil. @ann halliwell

You can get the gardening set on Amazon now

9. Neem oil is widely used by organic gardeners to protect against pests and fungi. You too can protect your plants with this product. It doesn’t mix well with water, but you can use dishwashing liquid to make a spray.

To make the spray, you need to mix 1 part neem oil with 20 parts water and add a little dishwashing liquid.

Promising review: I got this because I was being inundated with wee black flies that were laying eggs in my houseplants and destroying my plants in the process. I was advised to water plants from the bottom, but this wasn’t feasible with some plants, so neem oil was the next suggestion. It absolutely stinks, but after putting it on the soil, my plants have had a comeback and are healthy with not a bug in sight. Luckily, the smell doesn’t last as long as the consequences of the flies. @BigBaffie

You can get the neem oil on Amazon now

Who in your family likes to garden? Which vegetables and herbs are an integral part of your life?

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