9 Women Revealed Why They Decided to Go Braless

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The modern-looking bra was invented about 100 years ago, but there are still debates about whether it’s healthy to wear a bra and if it’s socially acceptable to appear in public places without one. Nowadays, many women tend to forego this undergarment, but not everyone is happy with this trend.

  • I grew up in a braless home. My mother never wore a bra. I now go braless 90% of the time. I really don’t pay attention to any reactions. I’m not going braless to get attention, I’m going braless because I don’t like bras.
    I have had some odd reactions, like a random guy asking me what my husband thought about me going braless when my husband went off to get something. Why in the heck would I care what my husband thought? If he did care, he would have said something after 18 years, don’t you think? © Sumer Rose / Quora
  • When I see another woman who is not wearing a bra, I think, “Oh yeah, I have a kindred spirit.” I am that woman. I wear one to work out of modesty (and likely dress code) but that’s about it. At home, I never do.
    In the summertime, if I have to go out, I won’t wear one. It’s too hot. So, I do my grocery shopping and errands without a bra. I don’t care how I look to anyone, as long as I’m comfortable. © Tricia Sutton / Quora
  • I went braless 3 years ago. It’s the best decision I’ve made in my life. I get less sagging, no back aches, and no uncomfortable wires poking me. The only time I wear a bra is when I exercise, when I’m being extra professional, or during a romantic date. © ohnoitsmckenzie / Reddit
  • I find bras very uncomfortable because of the pressure they put on my shoulders and neck, so I don’t wear them. I choose clothes depending on the occasion. If I know I am going to a public place where a lot of objections may be raised, I usually wear a shelf camisole and a loose shirt or sweater on top and there’s no problem.
    However, on this particular day, I had just met 2 of my girlfriends for lunch and was returning back home. It was summer, so I had a backless, halter sundress, and sandals. My mom calls me and asks if I can go to the supermarket and bring her milk and eggs because her car broke down. So I get to the counter, and when the clerk sees me, she says, “Just a minute.” She goes to the back office and returns. “Excuse me, but I am going to have to ask you to leave. You are not wearing a bra. It’s not appropriate, people bring children in here.”
    By then, there is a line behind me and everyone in a 30 feet radius is looking in my direction, even though no one was paying attention to me just a minute ago. I told them if I could just pay and leave, I would be gone in a minute. They realized the obvious and rang my stuff and I left. I vowed never to shop there again. © Marla / Quora
  • No bra! I don’t need one, and bras just suck. We only wear them for people who are offended by the female human body. It’s just one more thing women “have” to buy to look presentable. If men had to wear one, they’d complain all the time. © Hailsyea4 / Reddit
  • There is no law that says you have to wear a bra. I have been going braless for almost 50 years and enjoy the freedom of not wearing one. Of course being an A-cup makes it a lot easier and I don’t mind the attention. © Kelly / Quora
  • I don’t wear a bra at all, except in the big city law office where I work. There, I must dress very conservatively.
    On one of my first days working there, I went in wearing a lovely mauve silk blouse with no bra. By mid-morning, the office manager called me in to advise me that I was “distracting” some of the other workers and strongly advised me to always wear lingerie in the office. So I’ve always worn a bra to work, but rarely anywhere else. © Susan Marsh / Quora
  • I never wear a bra. Not for modesty, not because society insists I should wear one for anyone else’s benefit. In fact, there is no reason to wear them unless your breasts give you back pains because they are big and the weight of them hurts your back.
    It’s just breasts showing their contour through a shirt. Same with when you wear pants that show the shape of your butt or legs in any way. Why people think one is “obscene,” but not the other, is beyond me. We may as well all just start wearing huge burlap sacks to hide any hint of a physical shape or contour. © Melanie Daniels / Quora
  • I haven’t worn a bra before because of my asthma: when you have an asthma attack, you have to fight for every cubic inch of air, and bra straps can take away your life energy. I used to wear a bra only under tight clothes or see-through fabrics. Almost all my life, I’ve worked with men, and none of them have ever paid attention to the fact that I don’t wear a bra.
    At least, this was what I thought until one day, my colleague Nick came up to me and asked when I would start wearing a uniform. I’m not a shy person, but this time I got confused. “We don’t have a uniform,” I said. I looked at my clothes: a work overall, a T-shirt, shoes...
    Then he pointed his finger at my chest, and said, “Where’s your bra?” I got really indignant, “You know, Nick, no one pays attention to it, except for you!” And he replied, “No, all men here speak only about you. No matter what we start talking about, a conversation will always end with you not wearing a bra.” Well, I had to reconsider my approach to workwear after that. © Camparker / Pikabu

Do you think it’s necessary to wear a bra, or is it a thing of the past? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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