A 4-Month-Old Baby Was Swept Up by a Deadly Tornado and Miraculously Found Alive on a Tree

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6 months ago

There’re many skeptic people in the world, who keep saying that real miracles simply don’t happen. Sydney Moore, 22, is a mom of 2 little sons, and she can reassure anyone that wonders do exist. One of them has happened to her own family, when her 4-month-old baby miraculously survived in a tornado against all odds.

A tornado appeared all of a sudden and alarmed the whole town.

Sydney Moore, 22, and her happy family were just going through an ordinary day, full of everyday family routines, when the tornado siren sounded in their hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee. The parents had just put their two sons for an afternoon nap, when the strong wind tore through their town. Sydney was with her 1-year-old son in the back bedroom of their mobile house when she heard the tornado picking up. The mom-of-2 described what was going on as a huge sound, similar to an airplane flying directly over them.

Sydney said there was no warning about it approaching, and their whole town was totally unprepared for this accident. She herself instantly moved to shield her son, Princeton, with her body.

The family’s house was totally demolished by a deadly wind.

Moore’s family used to live in a mobile home before the accident hit. Their house appeared to be totally fragile and started collapsing immediately. The walls were just coming down, and the roar of the shredding tornado was coming together with pounding rains. Sydney’s partner was trying to save their 4-month-old son, Lord, who was sleeping in his bassinet, but the man was lifted off the ground and hurtled through the air, and so was the bassinet together with the baby.

Sydney climbed out from beneath the remains of her destroyed mobile home, cradling her 1-year-old son. The woman revealed that her kids never cried and were such good babies, and her son was silent as she was trying to get him out of the collapsing house.

Sydney feared that her youngest baby was dead.

Sydney recalled that she and her partner just went into “fight or flight mode” trying to save their sons. But the youngest baby, Lord, was swept up in a swirl of wind and the desperate mom said she even feared the worst, that her baby was dead. Her partner, Aramis Youngblood, had his shoulder dislocated, and the worried dad spent some agonizing minutes in search of his youngest son. It seemed like a miracle when the father discovered Lord, lodged in a fallen tree about 30 feet from where their mobile home was.

Sydney recalled that the whole episode was like a scene from some movie, when she saw Aramis walking up in the pouring rain, with his clothes ripped, holding their baby in his arms.

The mom now totally believes in miracles.

Clarksville Fire Rescue worker Steven Bryant was one of the first people who responded to the accident that day. He said that he heard a group of people shouting and saw them running. A police officer was holding Lord in her arms.

The 4-month-old baby had a laceration on his face. He was still breathing, but he was very quiet and covered in mud. Later, the baby was examined by medics, and they handed the baby to his mom, saying that he’s a perfectly healthy boy.

Sydney now says that all her possessions were gone, but of course what really matters is that both of the kids survived. The youngest boy looked like he was placed on the tree gently, which seemed to be a total miracle to the whole family. Sydney’s sister, Caitlyn Moore, recalled that among the remains of Sydney’s mobile home there was a box containing the ashes of their mother, who died last year. And the box was found completely undisturbed, too.

Caitlyn Moore started a GoFundMe page to help her sister and two nephews to recover from this severe accident. And now the goal sum of $100,000 is raised, but the donations still keep coming from people who are shaken and amazed by this family’s story and want to help and support them.

And here’re some useful lifesaving tips on what to do if you are caught in a tornado.

Preview photo credit Caitlyn Moore / GoFundMe


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