A 5-Year-Old Bravely Carried His Sister Out of a Fire and Hurried Back to Save Other 7 Family Members

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It turns out that not every hero wears a uniform or a cape, and 5-year-old Noah is the true definition of a hero. He not only stayed when he woke up and saw his home burning, but he also took it upon himself to save his family members and his dog. We were so proud of Noah that we decided to write an article about his story to show everyone that bravery has no limits.

It happened on a very normal night.

One night in 2020, Noah Woods, a (then) 5-year-old boy, woke up to find his Georgia home on fire as flames lashed through his bedroom and smoke filled the air. But he didn’t panic. The only way out was through an open window, so he quietly got out of bed, grabbed his sister and dog, and left.

He didn’t hesitate to act.

Bartow County fire officials were surprised by the young boy’s willpower to get everyone out of the burning home. Dwayne Jamison, the Bartow County Fire Department Chief, said they have seen children alert their families before. But for a 5-year-old to be alert enough to do this — that’s pretty extraordinary.

Later, an investigation revealed that Noah’s bedroom contained the overloaded electrical outlet that was the fire’s origin. David Woods, Noah’s grandfather, a member of the family who was sleeping inside the house when the fire broke out, says, “All of our loved ones were able to get out of our home. If it wasn’t for Noah, we may not be here today.”

Even Georgia Governor Brian Kemp heard about Noah’s heroic actions.

Noah received a letter of congratulations from Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, in addition to being named an honorary fireman and winning the Lifesaver Award.

Who is a hero for you? Have you witnessed any heroic acts by ordinary people?


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