17 Touching Stories That Prove Even Adults Need a Mom’s Love and Support

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2 years ago

It’s hard to underestimate the role of a mother in a child’s life. Even if you’re an adult, you want to share your happy or difficult moments with your parents. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible, so Reddit users created a community called “Mom for a Minute” where every person can get support and a mother’s warmth.

At Bright Side, we read the touching stories from Internet users who turned to virtual mothers for support or wanted a hug from their parents.

“It’s been a hard 16 years without you, Mom, but dang, is this sweatshirt still cool? Jeans are a bit tight though.”

“I miss you every day, even though we’ve now passed the point where you’ve been out of my life for longer than you were in it.”

“Hi, Mom, I just got married. I saved you a seat. I sent my bouquet to be at your grave the next day, your favorite light pink roses.”

“I hope it was just as beautiful as you could have made it.”

“Hi mom, look what I got! I’ve worked so hard to get her, and she is perfect.”

“Hey, Mom. When I was 9, Dad gave us a few dollars to buy you a birthday present. When you died last year I discovered you still had it in perfect condition. There were tears.”

“I turned 40 last month. It’s lasted 31 years and 2 40-year-olds. It feels pretty...special.”

“Mom, I got a new sundress! Every day I’m getting more confident in my scars.”

“Hi Momma! 9 years ago today we had to say goodbye to you, and today I got to see my little peanut for the first time.”

“I know you would have been an amazing grandmother and I feel you with me today. I cannot wait to tell my child stories about you one day.”

“Mom, your youngest son is engaged. I wish you were around so you could meet my future wife.”

“If only you could see how much I have grown since you passed. Love, your youngest.”

“I’m going to prom!”

“Hi, Mom. I don’t have anyone else to celebrate with, but I’ve lost 110.4 pounds! Thank you for being proud of me, Mom.”

“Hey, Mom, I graduated from high school! I was expelled, suspended, and missed over 200 hours because of mental health, but I still managed to do it with honors!”

“Mom, it’s officially your birthday. This isn’t how I wanted to celebrate you this year.”

“I hope heaven is throwing you a cool party today. I miss you so painfully every day. I love you, mommy salami. Happy Birthday.”

“Hey, Mom! I successfully delivered my 450th kitten today. I’ve kept a list of names and dates of all of them so when I entered, today’s newbies I noticed. I suppose I’m actually good for something!”

This woman is unable to have children herself and decided to start homing pregnant cats until they give birth. She feeds and takes care of the cat moms and after they give birth she spays them and rehomes them and their babies. Up until this day, she has managed to help deliver 450 kittens.

“Hey, Mom. I got promoted to optician from being a cashier. This is my first day. I had so much fun today. I’m so happy. The future is going to be so wonderful.”

“Hi, Mom. I got engaged! Wish you were here.”

“Hey, Mom, I wore a swimsuit for the first time in 2 years, I’m slowly starting to love my body.”

“Look, Mom, I finally cleaned my depression nest.”

“We got married. I’m 44, my husband is 39. It’s okay to live life on your own timeline.”

“Make up your own milestones! Fall in love a few times! Take chances, follow your own passions, and grow into yourself. Marry late, or not at all. But whatever you do, do it with the people who make you laugh.”

What achievements or merry events would you want to share with your parents that you haven’t been able to? Tell us in the comments below.

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hey MOM! a lot has changed since yoi left, you would be so proud! i k ow you're taking care of my baby in heaven with you. somedays you're missed more than others, cant wait to meet you again ♥️


Wish you were here, i miss you, i miss the delight you would take when things were going well, i miss how you comforted me when they weren't, i know i miss you for mostly selfish reasons but most of all i miss you for being you, be careful, remember I love you xx


My Grandpa always had some of the smartest things to say and I've learned so much from him, both before and after he passed. I wish he could see me now and how I've learned to work from him. He's helped me go from nearly useless to a carpenter. He used to live carpentery and I see him in the crew so often.


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