A Boy Is Caught Selling Candy and Doing Homework in a Heartwrenching Video

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4 months ago

In the bustling streets of a city, a young boy was spotted lying on the ground, diligently working on his school assignments. He was unfazed by people passing by, studying beside a pile of candies he was selling. The video speaks a thousand words about determination.

The struggle of a young boy.

In a 33-second video captured by a TikTok user, the spotlight turns to a Bolivian boy. He is navigating the delicate balance between education and survival.

The footage reveals a disheartening reality as the young scholar sits under the dim glow of a streetlight. This seemingly mundane moment becomes a stark portrayal of the intricate challenges faced by many children worldwide.

His determination is worth admiring.

The boy can be seen with his books on the ground. He struggles to write something down in his notebook. His shadow makes it harder for him to see clearly. Beside him is a pile of candies. The person recording the video approaches near, but the kid keeps focusing on completing his homework.

Neglect of the people passing by.

The Bolivian boy’s story, encapsulated in the viral TikTok video, sheds light on the issue of indifference. While the footage got millions of views and “likes,” the reality was upsetting. The onlookers simply watched the boy. No one came up to show empathy or help the boy out.

A viral call to action.

«How lucky are those that their mommy and daddy give them everything,» the user who uploaded the video captioned it. Thousands of people agreed with the sentiment and praised the young boy. «That child will be a great good man, I say it from my own experience,» commented a user. «He will be a great warrior in every sense of the word... that baby reminds me a little of my childhood,» added another.

Many people also pointed out that the person who took the video could have helped the boy or bought some candies from him.

Another student went viral for choosing to take photos of her graduation in the field where her parents work, as a token of appreciation towards them. You can read the full story here.

Preview photo credit illanescrisel / TikTok


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