A Dad Talks to His Baby in the Womb. When She Is Born, Her Reaction to His Voice Is One of the Sweetest Things Ever

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4 years ago

They say that babies don’t remember much when they’re born. They can’t see very well and they are very fragile, but babies can recognize sounds when they’re in the womb. And if you don’t believe in science, this heart-warming story of a Brazilian couple will probably encourage every future parent to speak to their babies during pregnancy.

We at Bright Side were all smiles upon learning about this touching story, and when you find out how the baby reacted just after she was born, it'll just melt your heart.

Tarsila Rosa and Flávio Dantas looked forward to the arrival of their first daughter, Antonella. In fact, her father was so excited to meet her that he talked to her every day in the morning and after coming back from work.

Her father would go on and on and talk about his day, and he would always repeat that he loved her very much. He'd stroke Tarsila's belly and he'd tell the baby that he would always be there for her.

Even though Flávio wasn't sure if his words could reach his daughter, he never stopped talking to her throughout the entire pregnancy, and when the baby arrived in the world, she showed him that she had been listening perfectly the whole time.

After the baby was born, Flávio repeated the words he was saying, and the baby greeted him with the most sincere smile ever. The baby started smiling just as soon as her father started talking, and thankfully they had a camera to capture this incredible moment.

To make the occasion even more special for the loving father, Antonella was born on August 11, which is Father's Day in Brazil.

Flávio expressed his feelings for his daughter as "a love that does not fit inside my chest," and Antonella's mother described her newborn daughter as "A gift sent by my Lord." ...What better way to say it?

Flávio is a naval soldier in Brazil and Antonella’s mother, Tarsila, worked in a kiosk as an attendant and also as a cook. Antonella was born at just over 3.125 kg and 49 cm (6.8 lbs and 19.2 inches) and she is now healthy and in the loving embrace of her nurturing, happy parents in Rio de Janeiro.

Do you think that babies can actually recognize sounds during pregnancy? Do you agree that parents should talk to their babies before they’re born? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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Well, seems like babies actually CAN recognize sounds during pregnancy. This story is a proof :)


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