A Girl From Russia Takes Photos of Her Huskies, and the Result Is So Cute You’ll Want One Too

4 years ago

Huskies are incredibly intelligent and self-sufficient, they look a bit like wolves, and the old saying about “bright eyes and bushy tail” is surely about them. Erika Tcogoeva, a photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, is a big husky lover. She shares photos that show an incredible connection with these beautiful dogs and now we all can get a good portion of Husky-cuteness.

We at Bright Side love all dogs but sometimes we want to choose just one breed and today is Husky day.

1. Here’s proof that wolves and dogs are related somehow.

2. Here’s where the saying “Bright eyes and bushy tail” originated.

3. Huskies + snow = perfect match

4. Say “Cheese.”

5. This guy will never lose his sunnies or his special smile.

6. It’s always nice and safe with mom.

7. Super-cute from any angle

8. That’s what siblings are for.

9. So precious!

10. That’s quite a look.

11. Perfect circle for the perfect dog

12. Sweet dreams next to mom

13. Who’s a big boy?

14. That’s just cute to the max.

15. When you are awesome, and you know it.

16. Are you expecting a present?

17. Always listen to your mom.

18. There’s always time for playing and for resting.

19. These 5 sleeping puppies bring a lot of joy to their owner.

20. Safe hands, sweet dreams

21. Little angel

22. “I hereby dub thee Sir Huskydad.”

23. A little sweater for a little sweetie

24. Happy puppy, happy mom

25. Friends forever

26. This connection is priceless.

Do you like Huskies? Or maybe you are a lucky owner? Show us your furry family member in the comments and share this article with your friends and family.

Preview photo credit erikaeasy / instagram


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