A Girl Recreates Celebrity Outfits at Home, and They Outshine the Originals

4 years ago

When we hear the word “cosplay,” we may imagine costumes that require a lot of money, time, and effort to prepare. But some creative minds can really turn this activity into a lot of fun by using everyday things. For example, Riley, a girl from Australia, demonstrates the power of budget cosplay by showing that noodles can make great hair and a pot is as stylish as a designer hat. And we know you will have a hard time trying to find the difference.

Bright Side gives a standing ovation to this creative family and is sharing 20 of their brightest transformations that brought smiles to our faces.

20. The red carpet is waiting for you.

19. It’s about time to promote eco-friendly hats.

18. You are what you eat.

17. “When you have a fashion meeting at 5, and you have to sleep at 6.”

16. We all know how long these events can last. It’s better to take something to eat with you.

15. When your mother asks for help with the laundry:

14. It seems that Lil Pump has one more brother that he did not know about.

13. “My whole life in one picture”

12. “Fashion that takes your breath away”

11. “I have always thought that I could never do this. But you reminded me that nothing is impossible!”

10. When you are ready to pose for any magazine cover:

9. “Never not hungry!”

8. If you have not seen a rainbow for a long time, you can create one yourself.

7. “I’m on a roll. Wiping out the competition with this outfit.”

6. “How the pic looks on Amazon vs The dress you get”

5. “My mom gave me a hand with this outfit.”

4. This one is so close. Even one leg is gone.

3. “Wrapped in my new outfit.”

2. We believe you’re already a gym pro.

1. Could you please give us the number to your hairdresser?

If you like Riley, check her Facebook and YouTube pages. We’re sure you’ll find more interesting things there!

Do you think it’s easy to create these low-cost costumes? In your opinion, which costume is the closest to the original?

Preview photo credit RileyDiary / Instagram


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sometimes I'm left scratching my head at the madness of catwalk outfits. No1 and I mean no1!! would wear them.


She has managed to recreate and show the real meaning of these ridiculous dresses. I like ones from her way more! ?


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