A Girl Who Mysteriously Vanished for 6 Years Is Finally Found

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Kayla’s dad was devastated when she vanished at just 9 years old, throwing his life into turmoil. Against all expectations, the now teenager has been found, and her story sent shivers down our spines.

Kayla disappeared overnight.

In 2017, Kayla was taken by her mother, Heather Unbehaun, who didn’t have custody.

During an interview two years after Kayla disappeared, her father, Ryan, expressed his devastation, mentioning that the agreement was for the mom to have visitation every other weekend with their daughter.

Ryan remembered that Heather had custody of Kayla over the weekend before the Fourth of July, and since the holiday fell on a Tuesday, it was also Heather’s scheduled time with Kayla. So, Ryan proposed that Kayla could stay with her mom for an extra day, until Wednesday, when he would pick her up.

However, when Ryan went to collect Kayla on Wednesday as planned, he was informed by the Unbehaun family that Heather and Kayla hadn’t returned from their camping trip.

She has returned safely.

Someone recognized Kayla at a shopping center, and she was reunited with her father, six years after she disappeared. The mother, who is 40 years old, has been arrested by the police.

The father, glowing with happiness, expressed his overwhelming joy that his daughter was back home safe. He also expressed gratitude to the followers of the Bring Kayla Home Facebook page for keeping their story alive.

Lastly, he requested privacy as they reacquaint themselves and embark on this new chapter together.

Losing a family member can be incredibly tough and emotional for anyone. The story of Patricia Kopta is particularly poignant. She vanished without a trace for decades and was even declared dead. However, against all odds, she was discovered alive 31 years later. You can delve into Patricia’s remarkable story here.


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