A Guy Sends a Text to His Former School Bully, and His Reply Proves That People Do Change

4 years ago

15 years after graduating from school, a man named Marcus decides to send a Facebook message to the guy who used to bully him. This decision didn’t come easy to our hero and he regretted it right after hitting the “Send” button. However, the answer Marcus got came as a big surprise!

We at Bright Side are all for healthy relationships and this story made us believe people do change for the better.

A Reddit user with the nickname YeahMarkYeah had a difficult time during his high school years. For 15 years he stayed silent, but then finally he decided to speak out. So he wrote the following:

"I’ve been socially awkward my whole life, and so, I had my fair share of bullies in school. And this guy was a real jerk. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I‘ve lurked on his FB a few times, daydreaming about how I might message him one day, but knowing deep down that I probably never would...

Well, maybe you do become more confident with age, because early this morning I happened upon his profile, and I don’t know if it was the coffee or what, but I actually messaged him. I instantly regretted it, but damn it, I did it!"

Much to his surprise, the bully wrote back, and sounded sincere about the whole thing.

The former bully also explained why he did what he did and why he made excuses for all the bad things:

“Surprisingly, he was really understanding and sincerely apologetic about the whole thing. It was very cathartic,” Marcus writes.

Marcus’s post got pretty trendy on Reddit and got a lot of feedback from other users who also shared their stories from their high school life. Not only did they recall the times they were bullied, but also the times they bullied others, confessing that they feel guilty now.

Do you think it’s worth trying to smooth things over with those who insulted you, even after 15 years? Have you ever done something like this?


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