A Hummingbird Builds a Nest With a Roof, and It’s the Coziest Little Home in Town

2 years ago

Bianca Soares is a 26-year-old who is dedicated to sharing her knowledge about wildlife and the environment of the jungles in Paraguay. But she wasn’t aware that photography, her preferred hobby, would show the true colors of this nature. She took perfect shots of a hummingbird mom caring for her family by building a safe nest.

We at Bright Side managed to learn more about Bianca Soares and about the home of this precious little bird. We are so to share it with all of you.

The hummingbird future mother was preparing her nest for her little ones. Not only had she built a strong nest, but she also used a leaf as a roof. Thinking ahead to protect her newborns from the environment in any way possible.

“I never thought that my hobby, photography, will leave me without words. Observing birds gave me the chance to take photos of a hummingbird building a nest. In fact, I saw 5 nests, but there was one that got my attention. One nest had a “roof,” said Bianca Soares in her interview with Bright Side.

To capture a good moment at this hummingbird nest, Bianca had to take more than 1,000 photos. She had been observing the nests since 2018, when all the nests looked pretty much the same. However, the end of 2019 was the key moment. “This particular nest got my special attention because it was not only strong, but it had a leaf on top, a roof,” continued Bianca.

This photo, the nest, and this sweet home that a caring mother built for her young is a message that we all need to receive with an open heart. A message to start helping mother nature and save life forms on our planet. Due to climate change many animals are suffering and we should do what we can to help.

A big thanks to Bianca for sharing her experience with the world. We hope to see more of her work in the future. We need more photos like this for motivation.

Bonus: Hummingbird’s got her fans

The story of this hummingbird’s nest is reaching more and more people. Fans are sending Bianca lovely illustrations that show that they have also fallen in love with the bird.

Do you have a story that shows how special nature is? Share your story, your photos, and your experience with all of us.


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