A Korean Illustrator Tells of the Best Moments That Love Can Bring

4 years ago

The illustrator Puuung uses love as the major inspiration source for her art. With her works, she tries to convey one simple yet important thought: a big feeling is powered by the small things that fill every day. Sometimes we don't even notice them.

Bright Side shares these beautiful pictures with you. We hope they will warm up your souls and hearts.

Love is spending warm evenings together.

Making little but cute surprises.

Celebrating holidays together.

Spending a lot of time together.

Getting warm with each other.

Getting cozy under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.

Hugging each other in your sleep.

Meeting a new day.

Walking through favorite streets together.

Enjoying spending time with each other.

Celebrating birthdays.

Watching favorite movies together.

Never letting each other go.

Being happy about each other's progress.

Achieving something new together.

Sharing all the sunsets and sunrises.

Which moments in a relationship are the most precious for you? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit puuung1/instagram


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