A Man Born Without Limbs Defied All Odds When He Raised His Two Daughters on His Own

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11 months ago

He was born without limbs, but even that did not prevent him from raising his family. This man from Paraguay has become the perfect example of human conviction and demonstrates day by day that there is no obstacle that perseverance and willpower cannot overcome. We’d like to tell you the story of his life, which has left thousands of people with a smile full of admiration.

Pablo Acuña’s life was marked since his birth when it was detected that his upper and lower extremities did not achieve full development. Consequently, Pablo was left in the care of his mother, who is now over 90 years old but continues to take care of her son with all the love and dedication that only a mother can have.

Throughout his life, Pablo Acuña has used a wheelbarrow as a means of transportation, his daughter says he even sleeps in it. “He practically lives in his wheelbarrow, which is like his legs,” comments the youngest daughter.

Despite his condition, Pablo has strived to have a normal life, which led him to have two daughters who soon became his motive to move forward regardless of the adversities he had to face.

When the youngest daughter was just a few months old, her mother decided to move away, leaving the two girls they had had together in the care of their father, Pablo. “When I was four months old, my mom left us. Now I am 26 and my older sister is 29. My father and my grandmother took care of us,” says Élida Acuña, the youngest of the family.

The peculiar situation of this family was never an excuse for a lack of affection and dedication on the part of their father. On the contrary, Pablo Acuña is recognized by his daughters as an exemplary single father who looks for the positive side of things. “I have never seen my father sad. He is always cheerful and gives me very wise advice, even though he never went to school. He is a very intelligent person, I admire him,” says Élida.

His dedication as a father is what made his daughter, Élida, decide to put her life in another country on hold, so she could return to Paraguay to take care of him. “My dad is my world. He is my friend, confidant, and the best dad in the world. That’s why I left my life in Argentina and came to stay, so I could take care of him because my grandmother can no longer do it because she is old,” said Pablo’s youngest daughter.

Taking care of her father is not an easy job because “he cannot move by himself, he depends on someone else even to go to the bathroom,” but it is an effort Élida Acuña is willing to make. She would do anything to fulfill her father’s wishes: “I always try to give him what he likes if it is within my reach. There are times when I can and other times when I can’t,” said Élida.

Now that Pablo Acuña has celebrated his 60th birthday, his story has become known worldwide, and people do not cease to be amazed and see him as an example of life.

Undoubtedly, Pablo’s fighting spirit, determination, and ability to face adversity are aspects that we can admire, as well as his love for his daughters, which allowed him to get them through all the obstacles that life put in their way.

Preview photo credit Élida Acuña / Twitter


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