A Man Rescues 500 Abandoned Dogs and Gets Them a New Home While Driving Across Mexico on His Tricycle

4 years ago

Kind people can be found everywhere, and in Mexico, a man is proof of this. He has won the hearts of people around the world by showing his own good heart. This is Edgardo and he decided to go on a trip through his country on his tricycle, but his love for animals made him begin a charitable quest on the road: To rescue the poorest homeless dogs he encountered during his journey and provide them with a new opportunity in life.

Moved by this story, Bright Side decided to tell you all about Edgardo, so that you can keep hope alive that people with goodwill and generous hearts are still among us.

Meet this dog savior

His name is Edgardo Zúñiga or Edgardo “Dog Savior” as people call him. He’s a 49-year-old Mexican who, a couple of years ago, decided to leave his imprint on the world by helping the most vulnerable creatures on the streets: Homeless dogs. So, as part of his mission, he began a trip that would lead him along Mexico’s coasts, where he planned to rescue the little furry ones, who were crying for help, during his journey.

He has traveled across a large part of the coasts of Mexico.

Edgardo is originally from Nayarit, Mexico, which was the starting point of his journey. He has already been through Quintana Roo, Baja California, and Nuevo León with his peculiar mode of transport: A tricycle. On it he carries everything he needs from clothes and sheets to water, food, and medicine for both him and the dogs he picks up from the streets.

The tricycle is Edgardo’s and his rescued dogs’ home.

Edgardo not only rescues abandoned dogs. For a while afterward, he shelters them next to him on his tricycle until they’re in good enough condition to be adopted. “When I walk on the roads, I see dogs that are stranded, injured, and in need of medical attention,” he shared. But once they’re healthy, he doesn’t give them away or sell them. He explained he gives them up for adoption, but not to just anyone, because after becoming his companions along the trip, he feels they become his dogs.

He has welcomed help from all over the world.

This kind man has veterinary knowledge, something that has helped him immensely during the trip. However, thanks to all the help he received from thousands of people around the world via his Facebook page, he has been able to give these dogs more than just better medical care: He has given them better food and also shelter.

You can help him too.

To this date, Edgardo has traveled more than 8,500 miles and has rescued more than 500 abandoned dogs. A traveler and photographer who calls himself “The Yogi Photographer,” met Edgardo and made a short film about him and his mission, which you can watch by clicking on this link. Finally, in case you’d like to help, you can donate money to the cause of the Mexican dog savior by clicking on this link.

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