A Man Who “Looks 14” Always Has His Birth Certificate on Him to Prove He’s an Adult

7 months ago

Imagine a world where everyone thinks you’re a child, even though you’re a full grown adult. That’s the reality of a 35-year-old man, whose youthful appearance is leaving everyone baffled. He needs to constantly prove his age in order to get simple things done, such as driving.

People have a hard time believing in his age, even with the right documents.

Denis Vashurin, a travel blogger, has gathered 20k followers on his Instagram. However, many of the comments on his page aren’t aimed at the places he visits. They’re instead focused on his appearance, with many claiming he looks 14, with a user recently doubting his age: “Are you really 35 or are you joking?”

The 35-year-old is used to these sort of interactions, both online and in the real world, which have led him to carry around his birth certificate. But, when it comes to face-to-face encounters, even the documents aren’t enough straight away. “There were moments with the traffic police, as the inspector was surprised looking at [my] documents,” he recalled.

Fortunately people seem to get over it after awhile. “At my age, people react differently. Some are very surprised, but after talking for a couple of minutes, they no longer notice,” Denis revealed. His own girlfriend has “never been obsessed with [his] age or appearance”.

He also shared that most of the negativity regarding his looks comes online. “I have never been [mocked] in my life because of my appearance, but there are bad comments with insults,” he noted. Still, he doesn’t dwell much on them: “Everyone has haters and most often they are evil and unhappy people.”

He doesn’t have a medical explanation for his youthful look.

Denis first noticed something different about his appearance when he was just 4 years old. He has since looked for answers regarding his ageless look, including countless visits to hospitals, but no particular reason for it has ever been found.

Despite the mystery and the problems his physique might cause him, Denis still has a positive outlook on life. “I don’t consider happiness to be different, but the minuses can be turned into pluses”, he said. “It depends on the person, fortitude and ability to arrange their lives.”

Age can be an issue for some in different ways, like in regards to their love life. For a couple with a 47-year age gap, their relationship is often met with heavy criticism. But how they overcome those obstacles is truly inspiring.


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