A Man’s Reply to Spam Email Turned the Game Around. The Outcome Was Worth the Time Spent

3 years ago

James Veitch is a writer who once decided to check what would happen if he replied to spam email. The result turned out to be much more interesting than he (or anyone) could expect. Even Hollywood scriptwriters wouldn’t be able to guess the outcome of this correspondence!

Bright Side would like to give you the opportunity to enjoy this amazing dialogue.

This is the email James received:

James decided to send Solomon a gag chart which showed how gold affected wealth.

Of course, James didn’t send the scammer £1,500 and finished their dialogue by sending him this photo instead:

However, James Veitch didn’t stop his correspondence with other scammers which he has been maintaining for 3 years. He even had to create a separate mailbox for this purpose.

What was the most insane spam email you’ve ever received? Have you ever tried to reply to it? Tell us in the comments section below.


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Whenever I get a spam I just delete it immediately. He is so brave by doing this! Don't you think?


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