A Photographer Captures Women From Different Nations to Show Us That Beauty Is a Universal Language

4 years ago

Mihaela Noroc, a photographer from Romania, has been traveling the world for 6 years in pursuit of learning about other cultures. With that in mind, she’s created a project called The Atlas of Beauty, through which she discovers “the unnoticed beauty which blooms in every woman.” Noroc’s photos brilliantly capture the outer and inner appeal of these women, regardless of their age, race, or nationality.

Thanks to Noroc’s project, we at Bright Side were reminded that beauty hides in every corner of our planet and it’s our differences that make us all unique. We hope these photos resonate with you as strongly as they did with us.

1. Nepal

2. Morocco

3. Iceland

4. Iran

5. Guatemala

6. Ethiopia

7. Italy

8. Moldova

9. Indonesia

10. Saudi Arabia

11. Peru

12. Tibet

13. Cuba

14. Afghanistan

15. Guatemala

16. France

17. Tajikistan

18. India

19. Ethiopia

20. Norway

21. Cyprus

22. Brazil

23. Kyrgyzstan

24. Iran

25. Spain

26. United States

27. Italy

28. Myanmar

29. Mongolia

30. Ethiopia

31. Morocco

32. Greece

What defines beauty for you? Did any of these photos make you want to travel to a particular country?


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