A Photoshop Wizard Turns Random Photos Into Epic Movie Posters

4 years ago

Reddit user under the name of Your_Post_As_A_Movie made himself a name by turning photos into amazing movie posters. That is truly a form of art.

We have selected several of his works for you to fall in love with, just like we at Bright Side did. Talent like this should not go unnoticed. Which "movie" would you look forward to watching?

1. You better follow his rules, it seems.

2. We hope at least this poster would speed up the movie.

3. We hope justice nose no boundaries too.

4. The only thing you need to improve this picture is Ryan Gosling.

5. I would pay money to see that.

6. He truly has a taste for romantic movies.

7. A controversial choice on Meryl Streep's part but at this point – she really can do anything.

8. That road was never this epic before.

9. ABBA soundtrack, evidently.

10. He saw something in her – something she always knew was there.

11. There is something about cats and being evil... He's probably a dog person.

12. We admire the text as much as the picture.

13. Boy, I hope this one is a fairytale.

Which one would you want to see on the big screen? Or maybe you have a photo you'd like the artist to remake into a movie poster? Share with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit your_post_as_a_movie/reddit


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