A Teen Who Drove 6 Hours to Shop for Prom Breaks Down in Tears After a Store Owner’s Unexpected Gesture

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video on TikTok of a touching moment has been viewed over 14 million times. In fact, when Elyse Monroe, a plus-size high school senior set out to get a dress for prom, she didn’t have a lot of shop options that would offer a good selection of gowns in her size while also remaining within her budget. Nevertheless, it turns out that fate had something incredible in store for her.

She traveled to a far-away shop in search of her dream dress.

The 18-year-old student drove for 6 hours along with her mother, 2 aunts, and her grandmother to find a prom dress in her size. The young lady discovered a boutique through TikTok, where the shop owner, Lucille, frequently shares videos of the happy faces that come into her store looking for their dream dresses.

Elyse Monroe lived quite far from the shop, but she felt that the long drive was worth it to have a prom consultation with Lucille and find a dress that would fit her. The young student revealed that buying clothes has always been a challenging experience for her. “Shopping is usually pretty stressful for me, which is why I mostly shop online,” she said.

The shop owner established her business for a cause.

Lucille established her store to include plus-size prom dresses, seeking to confront the painful memories of her own prom experiences. She explained that her own childhood was overshadowed by the lack of fashionable options available for plus-size individuals during the ’90s, leading to devastating feelings of self-doubt.

Nevertheless, she expressed gratitude for those experiences, as they have inspired her to make a difference in the lives of those facing similar challenges today. “[Prom dress shopping] was horrific for me...dressing these dolls is healing me,” she said.

She was in luck and found the perfect dress.

Furthermore, the owner made a recording of Monroe trying on various dresses with her family surrounding her. The video, which has been watched over 14 million times, features her encouraging the teenager as she models 3 different prom dresses.

The first dress was a sparkling red gown with spaghetti straps, but Monroe’s family wasn’t pleased with the low-cut neckline. Next, she tried on a purple dress with crystals sewn onto it, criss-cross straps, a corseted back, and convenient pockets. A third one followed — an asymmetric strapless black gown, which the young girl didn’t like much.

When Monroe tried on the purple gown, the owner complimented her, saying, “I love that on you. It is so beautiful.” The client proudly twirled around in the dress as the owner exclaimed, “Disney princess!”

The young woman ultimately chose the purple dress and was in for a surprise when she and her family went to pay. “This dress is $700,” Lucille informed the young lady, who appeared taken aback by the price. “But it’s free,” she continued.

The shop owner was met with blank stares as Monroe’s family couldn’t believe their ears. The student then asked, “What do you mean it’s for free?” to which the generous woman replied, “We’re giving it to you.”

The shop owner’s gesture was hard to believe.

Monroe and her family were overwhelmed by the kind gesture, as they hugged each other and erupted into tears. The girl had nothing but positive things to say about her experience with Lucille and the dress she was gifted. “Not only does it fit, but it makes me feel good about myself,” she noted. “Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful. And I feel beautiful in that dress.”

The shop owner later emphasized that her boutique is a welcoming environment for everybody. Each person who enters her store deserves to be valued and appreciated. “No matter what your size, you are here on purpose, and you have the right to be loved,” she noted.

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What an exciting profoundly heartfelt gift. She will treasure the dress, the gift given to her, and the memories of her prom always. Lucille is a fairy godmother 🧚🏼‍♂️and Elyse looks like a princess in her dress. I hope all the magic comes her way and wish her the very best on her journey.


It is great to hear that there are still miraculous people in our world and especially my state. I am sure the shop owners will be rewarded 100 fold for her kindness, generosity and faithfulness to a cause close to the heart. Congratulations to all.
ps. You made the right choice! I love purple.


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