A Toddler Who Was Diagnosed With Rare “Uncombable Hair Syndrome” Instantly Won Our Hearts

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The words Uncombable Hair Syndrome were definitely not something we ever expected we’d read, but we are so very thankful that we did. This condition happens to kids between 3 months and 12 years old and is characterized by the fact that their hair can’t be combed. Locklan Samples is a boy with this rare condition, and his fizzy hair could melt the coldest of hearts.

Bright Side absolutely adores unique people, and we believe that they should be proud of what makes them different, and Locklan is definitely one of those people. He is rocking that fizzy hair, and we just had to show you!

1. Locklan is one of the 100 confirmed cases of uncombable hair syndrome.

Uncombable hair syndrome is a rare genetic hair condition. The root of the hair is triangular in shape which gives it its funky appearance. There are only 100 confirmed cases in the world, however, Locklan’s parents know there are more cases out there, which is why they are trying to spread awareness. UHS is also referred to as Spun Glass Hair syndrome.

2. His family found out by accident that he had UHS.

Funnily enough, his parents had no idea he had it up until last year when a stranger DM’d them on Instagram, asking if Locklan had it. His mom had never heard of it before, so their pediatrician referred them to a dermatologist specialist, which is where they got the diagnosis.

3. Locklan’s adorable hair makes him stand out from the crowd!

Works like syndrome and diagnosis were used, but it’s important to know that that condition is safe and Locklan is completely healthy. The only way his life is different than other kids’ is the attention he gets, which is mainly positive.

4. He’s still unaware of his condition, but his family makes sure to tell him he’s special.

According to Locklan’s mom, he doesn’t know that he’s unique just yet. However, his family makes sure to tell him and his brother how special they are and that they should always be proud of the things that make them stand out. And so should everybody else!

5. Locklan is already a local celebrity!

Little Locklan is already experiencing life in the spotlight, as people are stopping him and wanting a picture with him, like a seasoned local celebrity. His family is very keen on spreading awareness about his condition. They truly believe that it is okay to be “different” and that you should always lead with kindness.

Do you know anyone with the same condition? And do you have something about your appearance that makes you unique?


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