A Ukrainian Artist Inserts Heroes From Classical Paintings Into Our World, It’s Eerie How Perfectly They Fit

3 years ago

Ukrainian artist Alla Mingaleva publishes in her Instagram collages, which depict the heroes of classical art in the modern world. The way she juxtaposes the historical figure in a modern environment makes it seem like they’re just ordinary people getting a drink in a bar, working in their office, walking down the street, etc. She says that her favorite part of this project is to place all these characters into an office environment.

Bright Side gathered 21 awesome collages with these heroes of classical paintings pasted into contemporary realities.

21. The World Cup was on everyone’s mind.

20. Office routine

19. “Put another dime in the jukebox, DJ!”

18. They’d probably like Facebook too!

17. “Oh no, this sounds worse than hens clucking.”

16. “Hey, whose leg is that?”

15. Beatles 2.0

14. “Bartender, how much does is this one?”

13. “The same bus everyday...”

12. “Nooo, dude! That’s not my size!”

11. “Hey pretty lady, wow!”

10. “We need these copies for our presentation, hurry up.”

9. “Bro, are you ok?”

8. Fashion week

7. Bored trio

6. Don’t accept rides from strangers.

5. Summer feels

4. “Which color should I choose?”

3. “Shaved head is the new black, trust me.”

2. Morning meetings

1. “Sorry, how do we get to Rome?”

What is your favorite piece of art from this artist? Tell us in the comments!


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