A Wildlife Photographer Found a Unique Way to Show Animal’s Personalities, and It’s Enchanting

5 years ago

Wildlife biologist and zoologist, Mogens Trolle, has been traveling around the world studying the fauna on all 7 continents. He has published several books about wildlife mammals that have contributed greatly to getting to know the unexplored areas of the world. Apart from his main occupation, Mogens has been photographing wild animals on all of his trips for the past 22 years. His main thing is concentrating on animal’s eyes and faces to help us to see their captivating inner world.

We at Bright Side were amazed at Mogens’ photos and would like to share the most outstanding ones with you.

1. Can you see that Bachelor look in his eyes?

2. Apart from its heart-shaped nose, its lashes are marvelous too.

3. It’s time for meditation...

4. ...relax your face and stop your train of thought for a while.

5. Those eyes, that beak, those feathers...

6. “Oh no, I think I forgot to turn off the iron.”

7. “Bye Sun, see you tomorrow!”

8. They say a bit of daydreaming is good for your health.

9. Not a monkey, but equally good at making faces.

10. That female scowl promises a long, hard talk.

11. Little but fierce

12. Would you like to take a bath too?

13. Those deep red eyes go with the blue feathers perfectly.

14. Let the whole world wait.

15. Can you see the cat’s soul in those eyes?

16. Monkeys can have swagger too.

17. Knock, knock, knocking on the antelope’s head...

18. “Do you know what snow tastes like? I do!”

19. Eye contact has successfully been established.

20. Getting some fun out of life!

21. The day is over.

22. “I think my hairdresser overdid it a bit.”

23. Squinting eyes often make one even more charming.

24. “Mom, who is that guy over there?”

25. “My second name is The Protector.”

26. “What shall I cook for dinner?”

Aren’t these photos amazing? Which one impressed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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