A Woman Discovers “Pregnancy Nose” That Completely Reshaped Her Face

5 months ago

Pregnancy can lead to changes in the size and shape of the nose, catching some women by surprise. There’s a trend on TikTok where women use the hashtag “pregnancy nose” to share before and after photos, and the transformations are quite remarkable. Our featured protagonist also experienced this phenomenon, where her nose and entire face seemed to take on a new identity.

She was deeply affected by the transformations brought on by pregnancy.

A young woman, Tyreece Wood, went viral on TikTok after revealing her surprising “pregnancy nose” transformation that completely altered her appearance. During her first trimester, she observed changes in her nose size, but it wasn’t a major concern initially. Over time, the 24-year-old noticed alterations in her skin texture, eyebrows, and hair.

As her pregnancy progressed, Tyreece felt increasingly uncomfortable with her appearance, describing it as “disgusting,” and even struggled to recognize herself in the mirror. She courageously shared her experience on TikTok, garnering over 15.9 million views and 1.8 million likes.

When Tyreece looked in the mirror, she struggled to recognize the person staring back at her.

For Tyreece, dealing with the alterations her body underwent during pregnancy was already a significant challenge. Yet, the most disheartening part was gazing into the mirror and failing to recognize the person she saw. She reveals, “That’s why there aren’t many pictures of me pregnant. I had never seen anyone talk about most of the symptoms I had throughout my pregnancy. I thought all the changes would be in my weight and hormones for sure.”

However, in addition to the changes in her skin and hair texture, she observed that one of her eyebrows had become more prominent. She also gained 100 pounds and noticed a significant darkening of her skin.

Others around her didn’t notice the alterations.

Tyreece shared, “I asked my husband and family members if they noticed a difference, and they always said either no or a little. My husband only pointed it out after our son was born, and we were looking back at the hospital pictures.”

Many users commented that these are two different people. Some were so astonished that they suspected the photos had been altered in some way. “Some women are telling their stories, and some are thanking me for putting something so real out there,” says Tyreece. Just a month after giving birth to her baby boy, her nose reverted to its usual size and shape.

Even today, some aspects of pregnancy are little known to the general public, leaving many new mothers feeling bewildered when they experience unfamiliar symptoms.


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