A Woman Got Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed on Her Forehead, but There’s a Twist

7 months ago

There’s this video making the rounds on social media: a woman getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed smack on her forehead by a daring tattoo artist. The clip has sparked many debates, with people online expressing everything from disbelief to outright calling it a “stupid” move. Getting your partner’s name inked on your forehead is a whole new level of commitment, and it’s got everyone wondering just how far is too far when it comes to showing off love.

The influencer explained the reason behind her choice.

Ana starts the video with the stencil of her boyfriend Kevin’s name being carefully applied to the upper part of her face. As the needle starts its work, piercing her forehead, Ana reacts with some discomfort, making different expressions throughout the process.

The footage captures her settling into the tattooist’s chair to make the questionable design a permanent one. You can see her visibly grimacing as the needle works to etch Kevin’s name into her head.

The video quickly drew attention, and people on social media didn’t hold back. Stanskovsky faced criticism for her tattoo, with many predicting she’d regret it. On Instagram, users were divided. Some called it the “stupidest thing ever,” questioning if the ink was real. Others thought it was a joke or skit.

Despite facing a lot of criticism online, Stanskovsky didn’t let it get to her. Instead of backing down, she decided to clear the air by making another video. In it, she explained that the tattoo wasn’t a random decision but a way to show how much she loves her partner. She was adamant that she wouldn’t regret it in the future.

This move showed she wasn’t just making a rash choice but had personal reasons behind it, trying to make people see the deeper meaning. It highlighted the challenge of dealing with personal matters in a public space like social media, where quick judgments often overshadow the nuances of real-life decisions.

Even a tattoo artist shamed her.

Stanskovsky made waves across the internet after supposedly getting her boyfriend Kevin Freshwater’s name tattooed on her forehead. However, amidst the millions of TikTok and Instagram viewers who witnessed the shocking stunt, skepticism emerged, with even renowned celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul weighing in on the matter. According to Paul, who has left his mark on the likes of Rihanna, Harry Styles, and Ed Sheeran, the ink in question doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

Casting doubt on the authenticity of the tattoo, Paul confidently declared, “100% fake.” He went on to point out key indicators of deception, stating, “It’s literally a black marker pen.” The tattoo expert dissected the visual evidence, revealing that the tattoo machine wasn’t in operation and that there was a conspicuous absence of ink flow. He highlighted the absence of a needle actually penetrating the skin, shedding light on the apparent inconsistencies that hinted at the possibility of the entire episode being a well-executed ruse.

The actual truth about that video

After sharing numerous videos throughout the week vehemently denying suspicions regarding the authenticity of her tattoo, Stanskovsky eventually divulged the truth in a video released on November 12. In a reflective tone, she captioned the video with the admission, “I regret my tattoo.” She clarified, “All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo. But not this one,” while gesturing towards the attention-grabbing tattoo on her forehead.

Ana, who visibly sports legitimate tattoos on her neck and arms, proceeded to remove the ink from her face, revealing that the viral tattoo was, in fact, not real. With a hint of mischief, she confessed to having “tricked the whole internet” as part of a deliberate ploy to convey a deeper message.

As the ink faded from her forehead, Stanskovsky shared her motivation, expressing a desire to use her influence responsibly. She acknowledged that when people encounter her on social media, their immediate focus is often drawn to her tattoos.

The purpose of this prank

She pulled a big prank to send a message about regretting tattoos later in life. Looking back, Ana admitted that when she started getting tattoos 10 years ago, she ignored warnings from family and friends about future regrets. She thought advice from someone with lots of tattoos would have made a bigger impact.

The confession video has gotten over 23 million views, with many viewers saying they were skeptical from the beginning. People talked about tattoo removal options, noting the high cost and limited access for some. “So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way,” she concluded, shedding light on the unexpected twist behind her seemingly impulsive tattoo confession.

Regretting a tattoo can really get to you, and there are lots of stories like this girl who honestly shared her own experience.


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