A Woman Leaves an Enormous Amount of Money to Pets, Not Kids Who Never Visited When She Was Sick

4 months ago

In China, there’s a sweet older lady named Liu who recently made a decision about her 20 million yuan (US$2.8 million) fortune. Instead of leaving it to her grown-up kids, she’s leaving it all to her beloved cats and dogs. Read on to discover how people are responding to this unexpected twist in her will.

Sometimes, cats and dogs might not realize just how fortunate they are to have loving owners who go above and beyond for them.

Liu had originally planned to give some money and property to her three children in her will a while back. However, she had a change of heart. Why? Well, it turns out that her kids didn’t really show up when she was feeling under the weather, and they weren’t keeping in touch much either.

But you know who did stand by her side? Her furry friends — the cats and dogs. According to a report, Liu explained that her pets were always there for her. So, she decided to update her will, making sure that every penny of her money goes into taking care of her pets and any little ones they might have in the future. It’s her way of ensuring they get the love and care they deserve even after she’s no longer around.

Despite this legal limitation, Chen mentioned that there are alternative solutions available to address this matter.

The job of looking after Liu’s pets and managing her inheritance has been entrusted to a nearby veterinary clinic. Liu initially wished to directly leave all her money to her beloved animals, but it turns out that this isn’t allowed under Chinese law, as explained by Chen Kai, an official from the Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing.

According to Chen Kai, Liu’s current will is one option. He mentioned that they would have suggested Liu appoint someone she trusts to oversee the veterinary clinic, ensuring proper care for her pets.

But what if her kids come back to her with love?

Another official from the China Will Registration Centre’s eastern China branch revealed that they had cautioned Liu about the potential risks of putting all her money into the hands of the veterinary clinic before she finalized her will. “We advised Auntie Liu that if her children show a change of heart, she can always update her will again,” the official added.

Liu’s story has ignited a lively online conversation about inheritance and family dynamics. One observer online expressed empathy, saying, “How disappointed and heartbroken she must have been to make the decision not to leave anything to her children.”

Some people even found her story inspiring.

Some people online resonated with Liu’s decision, expressing their own sentiments. One person mentioned, “Well done. If my daughter treats me poorly in the future, I will also leave my house to others.”

This discussion comes in the wake of a similar case in December of the previous year, where a Shanghai court upheld the validity of a man’s will. In this case, he had chosen to leave all his assets, amounting to 3.3 million yuan (US$466,000), to a kind fruit stall owner instead of his relatives. Despite the relatives challenging the will, the court ruled in favor of the man’s expressed wishes.

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