A Woman Lost 200lbs to Resemble Barbie, Just Like Her Parents Always Wanted

11 months ago

As a young girl, Kayla’s parents tried various approaches to motivate her to embrace a healthier lifestyle. And it wasn’t just about changing her physical appearance; something deeper was happening inside her. Surprisingly, it was when she became an adult that the whole idea of the Barbie dolls her parents gave her started to click and inspire her.

The many struggles she faced during her childhood.

Kayla LaVende struggled with excessive weight throughout her life because of thyroid disease and chronic lipedema, which made losing weight a real challenge. As a little girl, her parents showered her with these iconic toys, Barbie dolls, hoping it would ignite the flame of motivation to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work back then, and Kayla ended up weighing 342 pounds at one point. It was very struggling for her to shed those extra pounds, and even though she was never mocked, she always felt the judgmental eyes of others on her because of her size.

Despite all the efforts from her parents and experts, nothing seemed to work until she got her diagnosis. It turned out there was an abnormal fat buildup in her legs, hips, bottom, and arms.

Kayla tried to eat healthily, but truth be told, she couldn’t resist giving in to her favorite indulgences, like ice cream or pizza. As for exercise programs, they failed to yield the desired results. But you know what? Those Barbie dolls her parents gave her weren’t in vain. They instilled something special in her.

She found Barbie to be a constant inspiration and a driving force in her life.

Kayla’s undying love for Barbie sparked something deep within her soul. She realized that Barbie meant more than a mere toy; she embodied unwavering strength and boundless dreams.

Through her beloved dolls, she felt comfort and strength, imagining a world where she could be anything, just like them. Kayla loved how Barbie looked and dressed, and she lived vicariously through the doll. But finding clothes in her size was tough, so she started making them herself.

Each new Barbie brought hope, but the journey to change was still long and full of twists. Yet, beneath it all, a fierce determination grew, fueled by Barbie’s empowering message: “You can be anything.”

Her weight-loss journey made her the “Barbie” she is today.

Those words echoed in her mind, and slowly, she began embracing Barbie’s vibrant spirit. “Barbie motivated me to be creative, joyful, vibrant, and colorful at any size,” she says. Thus, Kayla decided it was time for a big change.

She was dead set on losing weight once and for all, knowing she had to get her head in the game and stay determined. So, she started making healthier choices in her life, ditching junk food and going for more nutritious stuff. Plus, she got into weight training, which she found was not only helping her shed pounds but also making her stronger and more confident.

But that’s not all — LaVende took it a step further and got gastric sleeve surgery, which was a pretty big deal, but helped contribute to the whole weight loss journey.

In her newfound joy, she had fully embraced her “Barbie-esque” persona, recognizing that this transformation goes beyond the mere physical change. To her delight, also other people had noticed how much she now looks like the doll she always wanted to be. “I’ve been morbidly obese my whole life, until now,” she writes, recapping her journey.

With her inspiring weight loss, Kayla hopes to motivate others to embrace positive change in their lives and to believe in the power of their dreams. She remarks, "I’m so proud of the girl in the ’before’ pictures because she is who has got me to where I am today.

Barbie is trending right now, but Kayla isn’t the only one who went all-in to be like her. There’s this other woman who was super keen on becoming a real-life Barbie, and she totally pulled it off.


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