An Artist Documents Her Pregnancy Journey in a Series of Heartwarming Drawings

3 years ago

Amanda Oleander, an artist from Los Angeles known for her charming drawings inspired by her daily life, has good news to share. She and her husband Joey are expecting their first child, and Amanda is depicting her pregnancy journey in adorable daily drawings. “I had a dream I was pregnant, so I took a pregnancy test, and I was!” Amanda shared. “I then surprised my husband with the news.”

We at Bright Side are so happy for Amanda, and the way she illustrates her journey to motherhood is so touching you can’t help but feel warm inside. Don’t forget to check out more adorable illustrations in the bonus section!

“I’m pregnant!”

“We love you so much already.”

“When a baby is in the mother’s womb, the world the baby knows is what they see and touch, but a couple inches separate the baby from the world.”

“First trimester vs. second trimester were night and day of a difference for me.”

“The second trimester has been sooo amazing!”

“The baby starts kicking every time Joey plays a song for him.”

“Meeting my best friend’s baby.”

Bonus: Little things that make relationships truly meaningful

“Do you feel it? Do you feel how much I love you?”

“A forehead kiss is something very special.”

“This is inspired by our lunch yesterday.”

“I love you for always.”

“Connecting with loved ones.”

“Last night I made brownies.”

“Being close to a person you love is one of my favorite things in the whole world to do.”

Bonus 2: Meet Amanda, the person behind these adorable comics, and her husband Joey

Can you relate to any of the situations Amanda illustrates? Which drawing instantly put a smile on your face?


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