An Artist Does Radiant Tattoos That Can Be a Gemstone on People’s Bodies

2 years ago

When we decide to get a tattoo, we view ink on our bodies as a form of art or a trendy attribute. However, nowadays, tattoos can have a more practical meaning. They can help people cope with grief and loss and honor the memory of their loved ones. Psychiatrists claim that they can also better understand the personality of their patients while talking about their tattoos.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve discovered a tattooist who turns this ink into body jewelry. With the help of her masterful hand, the tattoos seem so luxuriously vivid, that we can’t help but be wowed. We’d love for you to take a look at some of her work with us.

The artist’s style seems to be in her genes.

Anya Tsyna was born and raised in Russia, though she’s not sure if she has any Slavic roots, as she revealed in her interview with Tattoodo. She’s inherited Tatar and Mongol genes and confessed that these have had a huge impact on her tattooing style.

Her childhood was hectic and weird, as she struggled with anxiety since her early years. Only after she visited a therapist did she learn how to use her artistic talent for healing.

Anya has always wanted her art to be enlightening.

In her interview with Tattoodo, the artist confessed that she saw a lot of geniuses who turned out to be abusive people. Her main concern has always been that even if you’re a gifted person, you cannot do bad things to people and justify your behavior with your talent. Anya’s main philosophy is to transform her weaknesses into posh art.

The artist gets inspiration from many sources.

Having a very creative and multi-sided personality, Anya is very much into all forms of fashion. While being asked about the roots of her unique jewelry tattoo style, she didn’t hesitate to mention Vogue as one of her numerous sources of inspiration.

Every tattoo that she does is actually a mixture of academic pencil drawings, her own vision of Russian fairy tales, Central Asia-inspired patterns, and even a vintage circus from Transylvania.

Each tattoo has its own powerful meaning and value.

The artist approaches each client very individually. Sometimes her sketch maybe just a single gemstone and for some of her clients, it’s just a beautiful piece of jewelry tattooed on their bodies.

But for others, it may be a memory of their grandmother, and they want to dedicate their gemstone tattoo to her. Some people see a gem in their dreams and now would like to have the exact tattoo, which can feel like destiny for them, according to what Anya explains in her interview.

The artist has a special message for all people.

When asked about what advice she would give to anyone, Anya told that it’s always good to seek help from the right people. For Anya, it was her husband, Dima, who saw how miserable she felt at her job and encouraged her to completely change her life and start a tattooing career.

The artist truly believes that the love and support of a significant other can work wonders and serve as a real gemstone, proving more valuable than anything a person could have.

What’s the tattoo style that you like the most? Would you consider getting a tattoo of your own?

Preview photo credit tsyna / Instagram


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Stunning artwork! Why are the artists who do this style never in the USA? 😭


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