An Artist Sees Magic in Ordinary Things and Creates Real Shadow Theatre

2 years ago

A Belgian filmmaker and artist knows with certainty that all great things start accidentally. Once, while he was working on a new script, he suddenly noticed how the shadow of a teacup on his desk looked like a little elephant. He completed the image with a few lines, took a picture, and shared it on Instagram and YouTube. The reactions were so positive that he challenged himself to make one of these “shadow doodles” every day. And he hasn’t stopped since.

Here at Bright Side, we felt like we visited a real theater of shadows when we saw Vincent Bal’s works of art. We’d love for you to dive into this bewildering experience together with us.

1. Glasses brought to life in a blink of an eye

2. Who would think a bottleneck could be a road?

3. This duck is up to something...

4. This teddy bear knows the struggles of life with kids.

5. A coquette tape

6. Sanitizing can be magic too.

7. Did you see a comb? Take a double look!

8. Women and flowers are one.

9. Who could imagine that slippers had such character!

10. Are your sunglasses romantic too?

11. Kitchen utensils come to life when you aren’t looking.

12. This elephant is incredibly sticky.

13. “Clasp-clasp, I’m a scissor-gator!”

14. Even a mosquito would become fascinated by this.

15. The magic of glass is immeasurable.

16. Adding some shine to a rainy day

17. These pills should be taken seriously!

18. This punk watch could steal your grandpa’s girlfriend.

19. A few sketches and a leaf turns into a grandma.

20. This razor won’t hurt you.

21. When your dessert bowl can be a desert somehow

22. Have you ever thought your shoe could be a part of shadow theatre?

23. Next time you see a pineapple, your world won’t be the same.

24. This hand is designed to pat, apparently.

25. This stub is judging you.

What’s another example of unusual art that you recently saw on the Internet? What were the tools that the artist used for creating their masterpieces?


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