An English Photographer Captures the Beauty of People with Unique Skin Conditions in a Massive Portrait Project

4 years ago

Unique features of human skin have always fascinated London-based photographer Brock Elbank. In his project called Freckles, Elbank celebrates the diversity of freckled individuals with vivid and refined portraits. Elbank hopes that this photo series will inspire people to overcome the insecurities about their looks and be comfortable in their own skin.

We at Bright Side chose the most striking pictures captured by the talented photographer.

Anja from Serbia

Nicholas from England

Alexis from the US

Elouise from Australia

Emily from England

Sean from Zimbabwe

Manja from Germany

Pippa from England

Hamad from Kuwait

Ivy from England

Kimberley from the US

Mael from France

Kaine from England

Lotti from Germany

Taii from England

Elbank is currently working on a new photo project where he highlights the beauty of people suffering from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that causes the skin to lose it's natural color and leaves patches of lighter skin.

Bianca from Austria

Carissa from the US

Amitai from Israel

Yvette from the US

Nile from Italy

Eva from the US

Brock Elbank revealed that he finds his models through social media. So, if you're interested in taking part in any of his projects, simply send him one of your recent color photos.

Feel free to share your photos with us in the comments too!


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