An Inter-Abled Couple Spreads Positivity and Proves to the World That Love Has No Borders

2 years ago

The happy image of our story’s heroes may trick you into thinking that their path to a strong, loving, family was smooth and easy. However, both of them went through many struggles, physical difficulties, and prejudice on their way to being a strong and caring unit.

We at Bright Side want to introduce the Clements family to our audience, and we believe that their love story will inspire you and change people’s attitudes toward inter-abled couples.

Meet the Clements, a happily married couple that destroys the standard notion of a relationship.

Winston Ben Clements is a public speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor. Mayfair Clements is also a public speaker, high-performance coach, and author. Their love story could have passed as an ordinary one, except for one thing. Winston “was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder.” So the story, ordinary at first sight, becomes compelling as soon as we dig a bit deeper.

Winston and Mayfair openly talk about their inter-abled relationship and inspire couples in similar conditions not to be afraid to express their feelings.

Winston’s path was not easy, but it made him strong.

Winston was born with a rare genetic condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. The condition makes a person’s bones too fragile, and, as Winston shares himself, “even the impact of a fall could potentially be fatal.”

He reveals that he has undergone more than 200 fractures and spent a significant part of his life undergoing medical procedures such as surgery and rehab to treat his injuries.

Winston’s family was always there for him. “I was fortunate to win the ’family lottery,’” he says. “Even from a young age, they provided me with a strong foundation of physical and emotional support. They also always pushed me and encouraged me to think bigger and not just settle for a limited lifestyle.” Because of this, he grew up to be a thoughtful and independent man.

People’s prejudice is stronger than the difficulties they face.

Despite his tough path, Winston manages to lead an ordinary, independent lifestyle. “It’s true that Winston has to do a lot of things differently compared to the average person, he is still very independent and a lot more capable than one might imagine,” shares Mayfair. Winston can drive a custom car on his own. He lived independently in his apartment for years before he and Mayfair got married. He also is able to travel all over the world to speak at events.

The only thing I’ve really had to learn to ’cope’ with is the burden of other people’s assumptions,” Mayfair adds.

Now Winston and Mayfair are about to become parents for the first time.

Recently, the couple announced that they are waiting for their first child. “It goes all the way back to when we first got married,” shares Winston. “One thing that we agreed upon was that we wanted to have kids.”

Speaking about the pregnancy, Mayfair adds, “When people ask us, ’how?’ we’ll tell them that the love that you see is not a result of ’meant to be’ but the product of choice. A choice to take on each obstacle with fire in our bellies and praise on our lips.”

The couple has the goal of normalizing inter-abled relationships.

The pregnancy announcement drove significant attention to the couple and raised questions of inclusivity. “For many people, in their minds, that’s not something that should be possible for a person with a disability or for an inter-abled couple,shares Winston. The couple’s goal is to change the way people see “normal” relationships and parenthood.

“A lot of what we do is kind of myth-busting and really helping people to tackle their own unconscious biases that they may have,” adds Mayfair.

Why do you think people are prejudice against inter-abled couples? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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