Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Welcome Strangers Into Their Home, and the Reason Is Delightful

3 months ago

“I’ve had a really DUMB idea,” Ashton Kutcher confides to his wife, Mila Kunis, in a video he posted on his Instagram page. Fans appeared genuinely surprised by their announcement, reaffirming the couple’s endearing nature and their powerful connection.

He had a very crazy but smart idea.

When they’re not off enjoying vacation, the famous Hollywood duo is getting ready to welcome visitors into their home. Just a few weeks ago, the actor took to Instagram with Kunis to announce that they’ve teamed up with Airbnb to share their guesthouse for rent.

Positioned along the coastline in Santa Barbara, this peaceful oasis is conveniently situated next to the couple’s main beach house, offering guests the exciting possibility of encountering the superstar duo in real life.

Kutcher and Kunis often use this beach house as their personal escape when they want a breather from parenting duties. However, they’ve now decided to spread the joy by making it available for rent, allowing others to experience a wonderful vacation in their stunning home.

Their announcement hit Instagram in a playful manner. Kutcher shared a short video where he and Kunis are chilling in front of their beach house. He playfully confesses to having an “absolutely ridiculous idea,” which he claims is even “more ridiculous than my mustache.”

Kunis laughs and asks about the idea. Kutcher amusingly suggests the crazy notion of letting “complete strangers” come and stay with them at their beach house, all because it’s such an amazing place. A surprised Kunis chimes in, asking, “Wait, for real? Like, in actuality?”

The couple has kept their word, and their guest beach house, named “Ashton & Mila’s Oceanfront Oasis,” is now up for booking on Airbnb. In their listing, they’ve assured, “We’ll be there to greet you upon arrival and make sure you have everything you need for a fun-filled stay at the beach.”

Kutcher and Kunis offer renters an incredible offer — a one-night stay on August 19th for the unbeatable price of $0. With this deal, guests can access the beach house’s 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, comfortably accommodating up to 4 people.

Outside, renters can enjoy a spacious deck equipped with a barbecue and jacuzzi. In their listing, Kunis and Kutcher share the exciting possibilities — renters can explore nearby hiking trails, savor beachside coffee with toes in the sand, and soak up the summer sun. Plus, they can indulge in local cuisine and explore shops conveniently located just steps from the coastline.

Kutcher and Kunis have a special bond that goes beyond their on-screen roles. Their connection has only deepened with time, from working together to becoming a real-life couple. Their experiences in Hollywood and as parents have strengthened their relationship, and now, by sharing their beach house, they’re extending their warmth to others. Their story is a reminder that love can thrive amidst fame, and their openness speaks volumes about the strength of their partnership.

Mila and Ashton aren’t the only famous folks who’ve chosen to rent out their place — Brad Pitt also went down that route and did it for free!

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