Bella Hadid Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, According to Science

10 months ago

While beauty standards and preferences keep changing, there is an ancient formula that experts claim can calculate facial charms. A special study was carried out by Dr. Julian De Silva, a gold medalist plastic surgeon, who specializes in advanced plastic surgery. And Bella Hadid became the winner of this unusual beauty contest. Let’s see what makes her the most beautiful woman.

The study was based on “divine proportions.”

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The Greeks devised a ratio in an attempt to measure physical beauty, called the Golden Ratio. While it was used by artists and architects in the past, in the modern era, scientists sometimes use it to explain why a person is considered more beautiful than others.

How “beauty” was measured

In his study, De Silva applied the Golden Ratio to various famous female celebrities’ lips, noses, eye size and position, jaws, and symmetry. The length and width of faces were measured and then divided. The ideal result is roughly 1.6.

Bella Hadid’s face was found to be closest to perfection.

Coming the closest to the Greek’s idea of a perfect face was supermodel Bella Hadid. She got a rating of 94.35% as per the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi with a chin that was found to be 99.7% perfect.

A close second was Beyoncé, who scored 92.44% as per the ratio. Pop singer Ariana Grande scored 91.81%, ranking above Taylor Swift at 91.64%, Scarlett Johansson at 90.91%, and Cara Delevingne at 89.99%.

Bella Hadid admitted to getting a nose job.

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, © bellahadid / Instagram

In an interview earlier this year, Hadid revealed that she got plastic surgery for her nose when she was only 14 years old. “I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” she added. She denied rumors of ever receiving any fillers or eye lifts and credited her iconic “snatched” face to good old face tape.

Do you agree with the result of the study? Who are some of the most beautiful women in the world, according to you?

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