Billie Eilish Says Men Don’t Face Criticism About Their Bodies, Because “Girls Are Nice”

8 months ago

Billie Eilish has made quite a stir both among her fans and other internet users, by her recent interview. The singer candidly spoke about modern beauty standards, about what it means to be a woman in the modern world and how many challenges women have to face to be considered “beautiful”. She made a couple of claims that couldn’t leave people indifferent, and they’re now discussing her point of view, both agreeing and disagreeing with the famous star.

Billie Eilish has her own vision on being a woman.

Billie Eilish sincerely believes that being a woman is not an easy thing in the modern world. She actually thinks it’s a constant battle. In one of her interviews she highlighted that it’s hard to adjust to all standards and be a young woman, especially in the public eye, and she called it unfair.

The popular singer confessed that she became very adult at a very young age, and she forgot that she was still that young. Billie is a 21-year-old soft-voiced singer, who skyrocketed to stardom after her hit song named “Oceans Eyes” suddenly went very viral on SoundCloud. Since that very moment, the young woman has been voicing her opinion on a womanhood publicly, and her thoughts are often found relatable by many modern women.

Billie knows for sure what it means to be famous, and it’s not always a bed of roses.

Billie Eilish has always been a very contradictive and eccentric personality. She’s got a recognizable style of baggy, neon clothes, deep blue eyes and loves everything that’s creepy (her early music video even featured a tarantula crawling out of her mouth). No wonder that the young woman soon became the name on the lips of a plenty of people in the showbiz industry.

But she reveals the dark side of her fame in her interviews, and is not afraid of speaking about the less glamorous thing about being a celeb. Billie recalls the weird and upsetting scrutiny she had to face during her career. People were wondering about every single detail in her life, starting from who she was dating, and why she dressed like that. The critics were really sinister, and this was the symbol of fame for Billie.

Billie’s attitude to her own body is quite remarkable.

Billie Eilish sort of loves her body. In her interviews with numerous magazines, the singer reveals, that the only thing she loves in her body is that it’s hers, and it goes with her just everywhere she goes. But at the same time, the young star is also constantly battling with it. On the one hand, she thinks of her body as of her friend, but, describing it, she repeatedly called it “my ugly friend.”

Billie doesn’t conceal that her relationship with her own body has always been a truly horrible, terrible thing, and it started when she was 11. Billie often speaks about her body issues, and in one interview she called it her biggest insecurity.

The star has made a statement about attitude to female bodies in her recent interview.

In her latest interview with a popular magazine, Billie Eilish didn’t remain silent about modern stigmas, beauty stereotypes and beauty standards. The young diva bravely highlighted the double standards in body expectations for men and women. She claimed that men don’t face the same kind of scrutiny as women do. She spoke about how differently people perceive male and female beauty and how it actually affects women, including herself.

“Nobody ever says a thing about men’s bodies,” says Eilish. She explained that for men, things are easier, because if they’re muscular, it’s perceived as cool, but if they’re not, nobody minds. According to Billie, everyone’s happy with every feature of a male body, but female bodies are always scrutinized and criticized. She explained her point, saying, that this happens because “girls are nice” and because women see people for who they are.

And here’re some more opinions of celebs about body positivity, and some of them might become a real food for speculation for us.


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girls can be cruel, too. the worst comments I've received abot my body or looks came from girls


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