Bright Side Readers Share 21 Photos of Kids With Their Fluffy Besties That Show the True Meaning of Friendship

4 years ago

Animals and kids are the best duos ever. They completely surrender to friendship with all their heart and receive unlimited love in return. And we can’t be thankful enough to our readers that managed to take photos of these incredible pairs and the tender moments they share.

We at Bright Side think that it’s so cool for kids to have fluffy best friends. And the sweetness oozing out of their photos is just off the charts.

1. A human friend is the most comfortable pillow.

2. And they’re super kissable!

3. Buddies are always ready for speed riding.

4. And it’s better not to mess with them.

5. Friends like to cuddle.

6. They do everything together.

7. They even watch TV.

8. Their happy smiles say more than any words could.

9. It’s such a treasure to hold a friend’s hand.

10. And it’s even better to feel their warm hugs.

11. Eye contact is crucial.

12. But size doesn’t matter at all.

13. Buddies try to be as close as possible.

14. Sometimes forgetting about personal space...

15. Friends learn new things together.

16. And surprise each other!

17. They share their secrets.

18. And they reveal their dreams to each other.

19. Pets wait patiently for their friends to feel comfortable.

20. Kids get along with animals in the best way.

21. They can even befriend a cow!

What pet does your kid have? Share your photos in the comments. The world needs to see this wonderful friendship!

Preview photo credit Dawn Pankhurst / Facebook


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I got a bit scared with #4! Look at that baby with that giant dog ? but still adorable


#14 is exactly the way my cat wakes me up every morning, nasty fluffy guy! ?


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