Bruce Willis Is All Laughs as He Creates New Memories With His Daughter Amidst Battle With Dementia

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7 months ago

Dementia pushed Bruce Willis into leaving Hollywood behind. So now, together with his family, the action movie hero has been taking care of his health, as well as seizing every moment to create new memories with his loved ones. The latest was a heartwarming ride at Disneyland with his daughter, caught on camera.

Dementia might have taken its toll on Willis’ career, but his family life seems better than ever. The actor’s family, including his loving wife Emma Heming Willis, regularly post new photos and videos of him to social media, easing fans worries.

In a particularly sweet recording, Emma captured Willis and one of their daughters having the time of their lives on the famous “Splash Mountain” Disneyland ride. The footage shows the former actor embracing his daughter and then kindly shielding her face, as they laugh out loud.

“You bet this family will be back for more fun and laughs when you reopen as Tiana Bayou! Thanks for all the memories Splash Mountain,” Emma captioned the post.

The comment section was quickly filled with messages of support towards Willis, as well as props to Emma for how she’s been coping with the situation. “Good job Mrs. Willis, you are in control of Bruce’s dementia. It takes fun times and lots of work. I controlled my husband’s Dementia/Alzheimer’s for 18 years,” one person wrote. “Just keeping him going traveling, fun places, eating out and talking to him all day. Stimulating his brain. Helping him remember.”

The family outing follows the announcement earlier in the year about Bruce’s health challenges, including aphasia and FTD, a progressive brain disease, and reflects a touching moment amid the supportive care provided by his close ones.

On October 2023, a close friend of Willis gave a heartbreaking update on his health, making it clear his disease had progressed even further.

Preview photo credit emmahemingwillis / Instagram


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