Cher Reveals She’s Happy in a New Relationship Despite the Huge Age Gap, “Love Doesn’t Know Math”

A lot of people react negatively when they find out that a couple has a significant age gap, because they assume that the relationship cannot be based on love but rather on the exploitation of one party. That, however, is not always the case: sometimes people simply fall in love with those who are older or younger than them, and their relationship works as well as an age-matched one. Recently, superstar Cher revealed that her new boyfriend is 40 years younger than her.

This is Cher’s first public relationship since the early 2010s.

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Cher is now 76 years young, so she has an impressive list of ex-lovers, including former husbands Sonny Bono and Gregg Allman. When Cher was 39, she dated actor Tom Cruise, who is 16 years her junior. She said they had bonded over both having dyslexia and got along well.

Cher dated TV writer Ron Zimmerman in 2010, her last confirmed public romance. When Zimmerman passed away in 2022, she madetweet saying that she was glad she “went to see him on Wednesday night,” so the 2 stayed friends after their break-up until his passing.

Alexander Edwards dated another celebrity before Cher.

Cher’s new boyfriend, 36-year-old Alexander Edwards, is a music producer and has his own clothing line. He dated model Amber Rose for a few years and has a 3-year-old child with her. Their relationship ended because of infidelity issues, to which he himself admitted. Rose said on her social media that she got tired of “being embarrassed behind the scenes” because of his behavior.

The singer confirmed the relationship with her new beau via Twitter.

The couple was spotted holding hands, and later that day, Cher tweeted a picture of her new boyfriend, which prompted fans to ask if they were dating. She replied to a couple of tweets confirming their relationship, and spilled some details.

They met during Paris Fashion Week, which took place from late September to early October. A fan said that they hope Alexander Edwards is treating Cher “like the queen she is,” to which she replied, “like a queen!” The singer also mentioned that everyone in her family has already met Edwards.

Some fans got worried, but Cher confidently shut them down.

Cher’s fans do not want to see her be taken advantage of, so they took it to Twitter to express their concern. The singer took her time to reply to them, saying that she “was not born yesterday.” She continued, “I know for sure there are no guarantees. Anytime you make a choice, you take a chance. I’ve always taken chances, it’s who I am.” She said that she is “in love, but not blinded by love.”

Addressing their 40 year old-gap, Cher said in a now deleted tweet: “Love doesn’t know math, it sees hearts.” She also wrote, “I’m not defending us. Haters are gonna hate, doesn’t matter that we are happy & not bothering anyone.”

What do you think about their relationship?

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