Cute Things That All Couples Do but Wouldn’t Admit to Anyone

3 years ago

It starts out rather tame when couples first move in together. The place is kept tidy, bathroom time is private, and everyone stays on their best behavior. However, things escalate quickly behind closed doors.

Join Bright Side in laughing at the odd little things that couples do when they get a little too comfortable around each other.

Performing regular B.O. and breath checks to make sure you both smell fresh

They stop hiding farts and burps. Instead, they give props for the really big ones.

Sharing food even though one of you doesn’t really want to

Offering each other trustworthy fashion advice

Taking sneaky pictures of each other doing cute, silly, and downright embarrassing stuff

Establishing clear spooning guidelines from the start

Spending hours trying to choose a place to eat, then going to the same old spot you always end up at

Suffering through summertime cuddles...

Treating pets as if they were children

Secretly binge watching bad reality TV shows together

Randomly belting out cheesy love song duets at the top of your lungs

So, are you and your sweetheart guilty of any of the above? Let us know in the comments!


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No!!! We don’t have conversations while using the flipping toilet. That is disgusting. We don’t use the toilet in front of each other. How gross and unromantic can you get? ?

Farting in front of each other? What are y’all, neanderthals? No!

We don’t arbitrarily hang out nude, either. I don’t know about the rest of you but that’s not generally comfortable when you have big ta-tas!

I’m not a cuddler because I’m always hot as hell and he radiates heat constantly.


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