“Dad, Were There Two of Me?” Chrissy Teigen Found Out She Had an “Identical Twin” After an “Insane” DNA Test

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“Let me tell you guys about my past insane 24 hours,” said Chrissy Teigen in her recent Instagram video. The model discovered that she had “an identical sister” after taking a DNA test. She contacted her doctor and relatives immediately and was ready to go and search for her long-lost twin. Teigen’s fans loved the suspense of the story and Chrissy herself was amused when she found out the truth.

Chrissy took a DNA test.

The star said, “As some of you know, I’ve been on a bit of a journey for the past few years, especially the past year, of health and wellness, trying to figure out a lot about my past and my family and just typical stuff we’re all curious about.” She had previously done the test and decided to pay for some upgrades that notify a client about some health risks.

The result made her jaw drop.

Teigen recollects, “The first thing that came up, after I found out that I was part Neanderthal, was this — I have an identical twin.” The results were shown on her account page which revealed that she had a sibling with “100 percent DNA shared.”

She talked to her family immediately.

The star was shocked, “I call my dad and I literally say, ’Dad, hey, did you see me come out of Mom and were there two of me? He starts laughing and saying, ’No, I was there. There were not two of you.’ I’m like, ’Are you sure you were there?”

Chrissy then called her sister Tina asking her if she had an identical twin. The latter gasped and Chrissy took it as a sign that it was true.

Everything fell into place.

Some issues were clarified immediately, “At this point, I’m making excuses for my whole life. This is why I’m co-dependent, because my twin was ripped away from me. I’ve always felt something missing.”

It wasn’t actually her sister.

Suddenly, Teigen remembered that she had previously taken a DNA test under a pseudonym. “My identical twin was myself. I was matching myself,” the star said.

Now it’s a funny story to tell.

Chrissy ended the video with a light-hearted joke. She drew a tombstone with an inscription “Sissy Teigen, Sister, Aunt & Friend, June 4, 2023 2:04 pm — June 4, 2023 3:05 pm” The fans loved the story. One user wrote, “I was on the edge of my seat” and another said that it “should be a scripted show.”

Chrissy is not the only who got a good amount of shock after taking a DNA test. Julia Roberts was also amazed when she found out that she’s actually not a “Roberts”.

Preview photo credit chrissyteigen / Instagram


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